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Yeah I'll let you know when I get it. There seems to be no review out there on this gun. Hopefully, somebody here can confirm that there will be Veteran internals in the EBR.

Can anybody translate what this means(especially Fully tuned up and upgraded internal)?
- G&G Full Metal Aluminum Receiver.
- Fully tuned up and upgraded internal.
- G&G Zinc Full metal and fully upgradeable reinforced gearbox.
- G&G Steel high power full metal gear sets. (Newest version)
- Precision tight bore barrel for maximum performance and superb accuracy.
- G&G 25000 rpm High torque G&G ultra power motor.
- G&G Metal Bushing
- G&G High seal full metal hopup chamber.
- G&G Nylon/Fiber Reinforced Piston.
- Uses all G&G / Classic Army compatible M14 series magazine and drum magazine.

Okay, I found out that this is basically a copy of the G&G m14 Ver.4 description on so I'm not sure that the EBR has Veteran internals...

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Also, this is what I got from some other people who have owned both G&G m14 Ver4 and Veteran. The difference between them is...

-Metal bearing spring guide
-M130 spring
-Bore up stainless cylinder
-Aluminum Bearing piston head
-Aluminum double O-ring'd Cylinder head
-Walnut wood stock
-Upgraded & reinforced polycarb piston

So, I'm not sure if the EBR has Veteran internals...

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No need to double post mate theres a modify button in the top right corner for you to add stuff in to your original post ;)

All the above is correct re the Vet spec, but I would guess they would use Vet internals on something as special as an EBR :-/

Sadly this is only speculation as I cant find any more details as you already have :(

On a plus note for me, I know mine has Vet internals as I made mine out of a scrap KART
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