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Bowman presentation

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Hello everyone! I am Bowman from Portugal. I have played Airsoft Sniping for 6 years now, and trying to expand my horizons.

I am an avid MilSim player and Sniper on my team. I frequently organize Sniper events back in Portugal, and want to learn how do you do them, to improve mine.

My nick is Bowman cause I practice Archery since young age, but now I am much more linked to the Small bore shooting competitions. I am a Firefighter, have served on the Portuguese Marine Commandos, but I am not better them anyone for this. I am here to learn form you all, whatever you are, whatever you do.

My team is called SAG (Specialkraft Airsoft Gruppe). We are a Reenactment team from the modern Fernspaher (German Recon Paratroopers). We take this reenactment very seriously, using the right equipment and tactics.

Here some photos from my team (I am in some of them)

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Welcome. Seeing airsofters read maps is very strange. I have never seen it in practice.

Where did you all find grade 1 flecktarn and the rest of your kit? It is hard to come by for me.
Airsofters by you know to read maps and call artillery? I do not believe you.

Around my Bundeswehr kits is not too expensive (it is very inexpensive usually), but many things are hard to find. I lucked out and my ammo pouches came with ALICE adaptors. I suppose if getting it totally new it might be very expensive, but 1,500k seems to lack thrift. Good for you though.
Oh hohoho no. No, I dare say KSK lacks thrift. It is much more the Coldwar surplus for me.

Blouse: $10
Smock: had it for ages, can not remember.
Antique Splittermuster cap: $5
Trousers: $15
Helmet Cover: $3
Mag Pouches: $4 x 2 /w adapters.
Wet Gear: $20 (+ Camp Dry boosting)
Scrim: $5

Here, the typical airsoft breaths through his mouth, but not because he has been running--if you take to my meaning. Many do not know what cats-eyes are for because they are not LEDs or IR.

Some of my equipment has come with holes and blood in it, and I did not put them there. If you want to look it over.

Anyway, I am always on the look out for something missing. If you happen upon something inexpensive, please feel free to send me a private message.
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I typically do not need much sustaining gear; though, at this moment I am waiting for my ride to an even where I will bivouac for three days or so (and I will be playing dildoes bolt-action sniper). But, you are right that this is not the typical game, and still not in league with what you showed.

I also do not see mil-simmers so much as farce-recon. I have heard people at milsims complain about having to carry 3kg 7.62mm NATO ammo cans to MGs, because they are heavy. Poor babies.

You are lucky to have some amazing games there. In some places, they charge fifty dollars for four or five hours of gameplay on fifty acres of land where they do not even bother to groom the field in ways like filling in leg-breaking holes on the paths or removing stinging plants from places where people are sure to lay down or clear briars; nor are the rules, even most safety protocols (the chrono) well enforced.
Stoping over in transit now. I will take plenty of pictures when I have time, and try to get a ride in every vehicle.
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