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Bowman presentation

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Hello everyone! I am Bowman from Portugal. I have played Airsoft Sniping for 6 years now, and trying to expand my horizons.

I am an avid MilSim player and Sniper on my team. I frequently organize Sniper events back in Portugal, and want to learn how do you do them, to improve mine.

My nick is Bowman cause I practice Archery since young age, but now I am much more linked to the Small bore shooting competitions. I am a Firefighter, have served on the Portuguese Marine Commandos, but I am not better them anyone for this. I am here to learn form you all, whatever you are, whatever you do.

My team is called SAG (Specialkraft Airsoft Gruppe). We are a Reenactment team from the modern Fernspaher (German Recon Paratroopers). We take this reenactment very seriously, using the right equipment and tactics.

Here some photos from my team (I am in some of them)

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Welcome to the forum. Hope you learn as much from us as we are able to from you.
That is one of the colest setups I have ever seen or heard of.

You lucky bastard, I expect lots of photos and video from you. ;)
That is everything I want to say about that entire description in a nutshell. Holy crap. Airborne insertion... travel by armor vehicles and heli.. milsim... holy crap. I bet you don't get many of those little rambo wannabees with the clear plastic springers, huh? My heart almost failed when I read that description of your events. Lucky bastard is right. Videos, videos, videos!
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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