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Bowman presentation

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Hello everyone! I am Bowman from Portugal. I have played Airsoft Sniping for 6 years now, and trying to expand my horizons.

I am an avid MilSim player and Sniper on my team. I frequently organize Sniper events back in Portugal, and want to learn how do you do them, to improve mine.

My nick is Bowman cause I practice Archery since young age, but now I am much more linked to the Small bore shooting competitions. I am a Firefighter, have served on the Portuguese Marine Commandos, but I am not better them anyone for this. I am here to learn form you all, whatever you are, whatever you do.

My team is called SAG (Specialkraft Airsoft Gruppe). We are a Reenactment team from the modern Fernspaher (German Recon Paratroopers). We take this reenactment very seriously, using the right equipment and tactics.

Here some photos from my team (I am in some of them)

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Tank you all!

Seeing airsofters read maps is very strange. I have never seen it in practice.
In Portugal is very comum pratice, as the playing fields are comum to have more than 5 square km. And we use a kind of "artillery", "mortar" and "bombing" shoots. We need to give the exact point of impact. Them a marchal go there and "kill" all the players on a 15 to 20 meters radius. It is very interesting, as team started to develop specialized recon or artillery directing units. The combat became more intense, and Snipers became more a more important, as they are the main choice to eliminate those threats.
If you want, sent me a message, I can give you the procedure rules we use, to try and improve on your games ;-)

Where did you all find grade 1 flecktarn and the rest of your kit? It is hard to come by for me.
We buy them from Germany (normally Ebay or ASMC). As we are not that far to germany, they are not that expansive. But the total gear is. Each one spent over 1500$ for the entire loud out (with time, not everything at once!). These are true spec items, many times they are really hard to fiend. But is good to see the results.

what guns do you own?
I have a G36K A1, as used by KSK. It is a Star, highly modified (externally). For Sniping, I use a Well L96 (stock) and a Marui L96 (stock to). I really like stock rifles. They just work great. Sometimes I do minor twicks, but thats all.

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Airsofters by you know to read maps and call artillery? I do not believe you.
You can believe! Its not that difficult to do. ;-)

but 1,500k seems to lack thrift.
Not really. If we all count all the money we spent in 6 or 7 years on airsoft, we will realize that we spent more than 1,500k. For exemple, players that have an systema ptw, they spent all of this in just a weapon. Some of the more expensive items we have are:

-Leo Kohler Flecktarn KSK smock: 200$
-Leo Kohler FleckDesert KSK smock: 200$
-Leo Kohler Flecktarn KSK pants: 100$
-Leo Kohler FleckDesert KSK pants: 100$
-SEM 52S RADIO: 300$
-KSK Tactical vest: 500$
-Bergauss Atlas II Rucksack: 300$
-KSK Mountain Boots (many brands make it): 200$~350$
-Mod G36K A1, with LLM, Eotec, RAS and correct top rail: 400$~800$ (depending on the brans of the base G36k).

These are the biggest investments we have did, but we have made them over the years.
But if you want something like that, but without paying that much, you have the copies. They are not so good like real stuff, but they get the jogs done. You have:

-MilTec Flecktarn KSK Smock copy: 60$
-MilTec Flecktarn KSK Pants copy: 60$
-Use a PMR Radio, instead of the VHF SEM 52S: around 60$
-AntsX KSK Tactical vest copy: 120$
-Bergauss Atlas II Rucksack Copy: 120$
-MFH KSK Mountains Boots copy: 100$
-Normal JG or Classic Army G36k: 150$ to 300$

It's all up to you and your team. We choose the real deal equipment, and it payed out over the years. But it all depends on the frequency you play, and the use you will have to the equipment.
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Well, I think the games I participate in are not the same kind as yours, so you have a different need on kit than I do.

We play on games that must have more than 24h. Normally are 36 or 48 hours. These are non-stop games, on fields over 5 square Km, with multiple missions and with little rest. So, we must have a lot of gear we need to carry. My team is a Recon team, so big photographic cameras and a PC with mobile internet are a must. We need to carry water, food and shelter for 2 days, too. In Portugal we call this type of games MilSim, as they are accurate simulations of an real Military action.

There are assault teams, hostage rescue teams, artillery teams, Recon, reserve units and even water or airborne insertion teams, depending on the terrain. These are different from the normal skirmish, as we call the small weekend games of 4 or 5 hours, that have short and simple mission. This is a kind of games for shoot, shoot and shoot. This guys usually invest much more on the gun itself them on the kit (where a Milsimer spent 1000$ on equipment, an Skirmisher will spent 1000$ on the gun). They are very very fun to play, but my team (and I) like more the kind of games which demand more technical abilities like bush crafting, mountaineering, navigation and others. I like skirmish! But MilSim is my true love...

To see what I mean, I let you with a video about the last biggest game we have on the last months. This was a international 48h game (in Portugal), non stop, with 6 factions, roleplay, and many many miles traveled on foot, thanks, SUVs and Heli.

This video is not from my team, but it is from a team that played with us. And yes, we have been deployed by Heli on game (very very cool hehehe). Military Armored vehicles was all in game (15 in total). You can see there a mortar team working. The explosions you heard are large pyrotechnics use on the mortars each time it fires. The game area was almost 20 square Km. It was really huge.

Next october I will play on a 100 hours game (4 full days and nights). This will be 100h strait, non-stop event called "OEX", with a lot of water and amphibious operation. I will play those 100h as a Sniper, with my spotter and team member. We will have specific mission just for Snipers. I will post photos and videos them!
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Hope to see you some day on a big Portuguese event!

Well, Rambo wannabees are everywhere hehhehe, but yes, they are few tank God. The majority of players are humble and want to learn from others. These kind of events begone to happening when some Portuguese players start to get some cool ideas from international events and introduce on national events. Game by game, year by year, the bar begun to rise and rise. We had some events with planes too. These planes made recon and bombing. Some lucky players get on board of those plaines and try to get they eyes on targets on the ground. Them, they mark the coordinates on map to ask for bombing or artily fire. You have a video of this event here:

On this particular event, those pilots was completely crazy! You could literally touch with your hands on the plane, while it overfly you, as you can see on the movie. These where experienced acrobatics jet pilots, so don't worry! Once again, you have mortar team on force and many motorized forces. This event was a 3 days strait, non stop. And those are very cheap to get into. The ticket costed 50$ for the 3 days of gaming. This was on a 50 square km military field.
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Another one from the same event:

This was a bombing mission with my team leader (at the time) aboard. At 3:40 you can see what "close recon" with a plane is! HAHAHAHA. You can see that the plane fly many time BELLOW the tree line.

And yes, that player throw up when he get of the plane.
And here you can see:

-the amphibious forces on their boats, with air support.
-some moments of the POW camp for Afghan captured suspects.
-patrols on villages under Taliban influence.

at this moment I am waiting for my ride to an even where I will bivouac for three days or so (and I will be playing dildoes bolt-action sniper).
Good hunting, Libelle!!!

When ou arrive, tell us how was it!
Y'know, if the games are that cheap it'd be well worth the flight and hassle getting all my gear through customs...
Yes, you can bet that!

Games in Portugal are really cheap. Weekend games are totally free (when not, it is just 5$). MilSim games are 20 to 50$.

Next big event that happens here, I will post for those who want to come.
If I come to play... I need to paint the front and rear of the gun yellow or red?
No, foreigns doesn´t have to paint anything. That is a law ONLY for Portuguese people. Foreigns get a police permission to that (and it must be requested by the organization).
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