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Brand new addition: Kokusai CAR-15

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Sorry abut the lighting, not as good as I had hoped. However, the gun does have realistic trades, as do the mags.

This thing is heavy, as far as guns go. The whole thing with recoil assembly etc. is about 5-6 kg.

Haven't shot it yet, previous owner says about 60m semi-range, about 80 with a burst.

This about rounds out my kokusai collection, I have a semi-only, double action crimebuster, and an infamous kokusai BV. Now for some Asahis and JACs.
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Looks great.
My classic collection is:
2 Asahi WA2000, one Sheriff M4 and a JAC m16vn now I want an Escort MP5!!

Nope but I'd love to have one ;) Is it so good as we read at the forums?
The sheriff was tuned by Booster but the LRB assembly was lost by post!!
So the sheriff will be sent back to Booster to make the replacement parts!
Why everyone thinks I have one of every gun? I have all the guns I like, I gathered all this in the almost 4 years I play.
I like sniper rifles more and I only have 2 AEG assault rifles and the 2 BV classics from which only one is operational!
I sure want some more but the economical status doesn't allow it!
I'm not trying to compete with someone, I've seen collection full of rare guns and I mean real rare guns like 25pcs worldwide and the guy owns 2! Collections that worth over $30,000!

LOL I have enough sniper rifles that's true and I usually post at the sniper rifles section of each forums cause I use and play mostly with such rifles. I have to thin my sniper rifle collection but I want to buy more ... Like the KA R93 Blaser, the WE SVD and CA M24. If I buy all this my wife will kick me out of the house! So I'll have to sell some and replace them with this rifles!
Of all the rifles I have I won't ever sell the Asahi WA2K DX and the SG Barrett, the Barrett is a big pile of junk in stock form but externally is awesome, IMO it's the best looking gun ever.

Thanks man.... I keep hearing what you say!
I was about to buy an Escort MP5 and I backed down(for the first time EVER)!!
Booster suggested the Digicon MP5, what do you think of that?

*Off topic*

1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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