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(As posted on MIA and SEMIA)

I have an almost brand spankin new revolver sitting up in my room that's currently just sitting on a shelf, and I think it's time I give the revolver to a good home.

Specifically, this is a Tanaka M500 revolver, a very nice looking piece that's never seen combat, and only had maybe 10-15 rounds put through it in the entire time I owned it (and it was brand new when I got it).

As I said, the gun is in FANTASTIC condition, so I'd like to get CLOSE to what I paid for it (though I know that's not likely). I'd really like $180 for it, but anyone interested in this gun can submit an offer and I'll take it into consideration (although I'm already taking a loss on it at that price).

<Edit: I forgot to include that this weapon has an 11 round capacity and has phenominal accuracy>

(More pics of the actual gun coming soon- this pic is from Airsoft Atlanta, just to give people an idea of what I'm talking about.)

*Sidenote: I'll include the original box, tools, ammo, etc.- Everything that originally came with the weapon when it was originally purchased, should the buyer be interested*
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