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My obsession with handguns is known..
I got this old beaten brass 1911 from Japan Auctions, it was in terrible shape , oxidized brass kit, rust on steel parts and jammed parts!
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I'll be honest... I was much worse than I originally thought when I saw the photos!

The oxidation of the brass was worse under the grips and the rear sight was in bad shape as well!
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More rust and oxidation
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Thankfully internally things were better
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All polishing done by hand ..
Prime made these kits back in late 2000 and they only made 50 kit of the V12 in brass and I didn't want to use a dremel or belt to polish cause I didn't want to lose the details.

So I started doing a section and see how it goes.
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Well even tho it looks thats it's cleaning a closer look reveals the the oxidation wasn't just on the surface
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So I decided to do a quick pass and remove the oxidation as best as I could and worry about the deeper marks later.
A comparison Of the untouched slide vs the frane

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Now moving to the slide
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The slide wasn't as bad as the frame
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A comparison of the polished brass vs untouched in over 3 years brass V12s !
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In the meantime i sent the rusted steel part for sand blasting and a fresh coat of cerakote.

I spent months of polishing it slowly by hand over and over.
Sadly didn't take any photos cause the process was really slown and at some point I just wanted to just getting over with it.


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After some delay the cerakoted parts arrive
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But the guy who did the cerakote forgot to polish the chamber of the barrel .. So... More polishing!
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Finally it was time for final assembly..
I was really worried if it worked in the end.
I was worried if I cleaned it well enough so everything go back in smooth and worried if the cerakote is too thick for the ambisafeties to work properly..

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Time to see if all that work and money pay off!
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