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Bravo MK98 review (L96) By Jordan T. Stumpf

To start off whether it arrives by mail our bought at a store, it comes in a standard box just like any other ordinary gun, and like most Large snipers it comes in two piece which is relatively simple to put together, when in two piece you should notice that the trigger box is plastic which usually should be given a look of disgust, but it does hold well for the stock configuration, (already bought a metal replacement that is coming in the mail soon.) over all the barrel and the receiver resembles that of the WELL MB08 and with my guess the gun probably came out of the same factory. Now the stock is that of the WELL MB01’s not high quality but could be worse. Now as a suggestion that I recommend to anyone who plans to use it before the overhaul is to create your own barrel spacers since like all WELL’s I have encountered the feature a pathetic bent foam spacer that is ineffective. Also would recommend the obvious DIYs for it to. It does come with a front mount rail and a Bipod( The Standard WELL Bipod) which with previous experience holds up well with the cautious person but medium to extreme abuse might get you a year out of it. It does not have a scope for the gun I bought but I think there may be others that might have it. On its stock Configuration along with the barrel spacers and a few DIYS(not using the spring spacer) I was able to clock out an average of 410fps on .3g bbs on a 12 year old chrono at a local field on a cold day, probably is off but is consistent in readings, and as the day warmed up it clocked in at 415 on .3g which is odd since it’s a spring gun and not a gas, might just be for the warmer air in the cylinder. So its average for a stock sniper, it for sure out ranges stadard aegs at the field and keeps up with DMRs (field has limits of 400fps on .2s for aegs and 450 for semi only DMRs with a 500 on bolt snipers) The gun also has the ability to be upgraded like most clone snipers can be, its aps2/ l96 parts only problem is getting a suppressor adaptor for it, takes the MB08 threads.

I will also use this thread to post my progress on the Gun, Currently I have done all Simple DIYs except for the spring spacer I have custom installed a 509mm 6.03 tight bore to the stock hopup unit I have a metal Trigger assembly in the mail Plus random scope I have laying around, it depends sometimes
Olá sabe me dizer qual bucking original ela usa mk98 bravo
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