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Broke my Echo 1 ASR

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Has anyone else noticed how the lower "receiver" is only held onto the trigger mechanism/upper receiver by one little bolt, and a tiny lip? I was going through a cqb area with my pistol, and my rifle on my back, and fell onto my back trying to avoid a burst of fire, and basically landed on, and broke, my gun. I see a UTG L96 in my future :D.
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Is there a question here?

Are you talking about the "lip" on the foregrip that the front set screw goes through to hold it together?

I think that is what you would want, but I would call ahead.

And I wouldnt get an L96 to upgrade to if you have upgraded your ASR. I would try to find an APS or the Javelin M24 (CA APS clone for the most part), the expensive parts of an ASR (piston, spring, guide, bolt etc.) are APS parts.
Thanks bob, and not so much. It was more of a badly written complaint at there being only one part really holding that rifle together. My ASR was actually completely stock. I'm getting the L96 because I realized that was what I really wanted to have, all along, even though it'll cost a pretty penny in upgrades. Thanks for that link though! I thought I'd have to find a boneyard one.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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