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bucking accuracy,

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i am wondering what kind of accuracy people are getting from different types of bucking...

in your opinion what is more accurate?

a single nub type bucking. (modify)
or a dual V nub design (PDI whold)
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I am no longer using a standard bucking. I'm either running a flat hop or a r-hop. Neither of which are really that hard to do.
Unless the nub is thick on the hop arm it won't hop very much. It'll be more consistent though. I ran it for about a month before I swapped it over to an R-hop. That was when I experimented with a hard plastic nub on the arm. I could give it so much hop on the high end that if i went to far I could jam the barrel.

In other words yes just shave the nub and rotate the bucking.

@ the OP
The R-hop will always give you more range and better accuracy btw if properly tuned. Read the forum and you'll see why.
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^insert joke about condoms here.

I used a dremel but the first time you might want to use something like sandpaper( fine grit).
You literally sand the locking line and the nub and when you place the bucking back on to the barrel you turn it so a fresh patch is exposed.
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