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Bucking, chamber and barrel section Please?

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Hey, Ive noticed that in some of the specific sections, maruzin, CA and what not, that people feel compelled to put questions about their bucking and hop up situations.

Really these would be better off in General so they get more traffic.

BUT. . . what if we had a section specifically for bucking, barrel, and hop up information, since it is for the most part universal.

What do you think?
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Sorry if this thread is a little old... but the suggestions area doesn't get much traffic. I think a separate "hop up and more" area would be nice, especially when many rifles are upgraded to use the same system, and fuzzy said before, PDI. All questions about buckings could go there too, like what bucking for x-fps, and the like. But questions about the HP chamber, for example, for L96's, could go in their respective forums.
ASR = L96 clone from hop-up to barrel right? But yeah, most, if not all hop up questions would go in the (possibly) to be section, just very specific, one type of rifle only questions would go in the respective rifle forum. Like "help, I lost a HP hop screw..." would go in Maruzen forum, I guess, and "good bucking
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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