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Build off

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OK guys this is what I am thinking of......

I have been looking around at the rifles that are under $100. And there are some that look like they may have some potential. So what about keeping this thread, kind of like an Uber thread, of things that can be done to the cheap rifles out there.

Have nothing but DIY stuffies to help out the newer guys that want to get into the sport, and those that bought that "crappy" first rifle due to cost.

I figure if would be fun to see what we all can come up with. I have been looking personally at the Well MB06. It is a clone of the Maruzen SR-2 rifle. Looks really BA in my opinion.

I know there is also the ever popular UTG 324. I personally have that one still to this day, and yes it was my first rifle for airsoft. And I love the thing..... even though you can pull the back of the bolt clean off....

So what do you think guys... You up to the task?

A few "rules" to consider.....
1.. Post what gun you are going to "mod"
2.. Only things that can be done in your home are allowed
3.. Parts can come from any rifle, just don't go nuts ;)
4.. Make sure to post what you did and how you did it, pics a plus (if ok with the mods)
5.. Nothing to custom... no metal lathes, mills, or special tools
6.. Gotta look cool.... this one is kind of a given

Mods if you think this is a dumb idea or pointless lemme know or just delete it.
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LOL ..... I hear you on that ...

Shouldn't be looking online either... found the PDI fluted barrel for the L96... thing is SWEET!


Ok well got the receiver and barrel stripped down and painted.

I took the hop up rubber and made a really nice air sealer on it. Took the end of the bucking and ran some 8lb fishing line around the end a few times. Then took some silicone and ran a small bead around the barrel and bucking end, as well as over the fishing line to make sure it stayed.

I tested the compression on my cylinder.... and WOW complete air seal. Then again I also have the PDI plastonite cylinder set, so no real surprise there. I do have the stock cylinder so can test that out if needed as well.

I also made sure that all of the barrel spacers were still in place and sturdy. I just used some felt washers that are for a sink faucet. I then just took some electrical tape and ran a few wraps around to make sure that they stay in place.

Everything right now looks and seems normal. Just waiting on the silicone to cure and I will get some pics. It is already late here..... sorry I haven't gotten any pictures up yet, but going through some really crappy family things on my wifes side. So that does take priority over the rifle.

But will get some up this weekend for you guys.

Like the other threads..... don't under estimate the power of a clone with some tweaking.
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There is the link to may past thread about some tweaks you can do to the MK96.

Here are some pics of the rifle completed. I couldn't find the camera so I don't have pics of the process. :(

I attached a long rail to the top of the barrel. I ended up pulling the rail a little bit off center. This was due to the way that I secured it to the barrel while the JB weld was curring.

I do plan on getting a 1-4x scope or something of the like. Would really like to get an Acog or something of the like to put on the rifle.

And before anyone says anything about not being able to see through the scope. Because you can ;)

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My build off gun may take alittle longer than first percieved :(

Reasons being I have come up with some work at long last

I am how ever determined to get it done, as its value on resale will be higher, and that is good for 1 specific reason...... it will help to the plane fair :)

In the next 12 months I plan to emigrate to your side of the pond, but sadly for you guys, not to the US :-/

I'm going to where most people from the north over here tend to emigrate to....... ie the north over there

And just to prove I've done my research..... I'll be living closer to woogie than anyone from michigan, so lets see if you can guess where I hopefully plan to settle if they'll have me? ;)
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Sounds like Winnipeg to to me ;)

Heck why not just come here to North Dakota? To many rules and really hard to get air soft stuffies up in Canada.
Close, but no cigar ;)

Jump a further 2 provinces and you'll be close

We thought about Aus or New Zealand and the US but the misses has distant family in Canada so the decision was made..... ;)

Sadly I'm aware of their anal rules that put ours to shame, and I used to think ours were a special kind of anal that you can only find in Britain, so I'll be selling all my weapons before I leave
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/> :( :'(

On the positive front, as your aware I'm a dab hand at making something good that little bit better, so I'll just have to start a new collection with what I'm allowed to buy, and then just make the rest

All this is on the premise they let me and the misses through the door on my credentials :-/ otherwise I'll be forced to stay here and make the best of a completely shite and over regulated job
:(" title=":mad:" border="0"/>
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Oh damn you are gonna be long ways away. Just come here to ND.... "Distant" family? Does she know who they are ... and do they care?

See the US just makes better sence. That and we can go shooting some big guns as well.
Come to New Zealand
We have airsoft!

But I'm sure in a few years Canada won't be that bad. We only just got airsoft legalised here about 3 years ago and only in semi-auto (a pain in the arse sometimes but in general, it creates a far less spammy game style). The first physical airsoft store opened last year and now everything is cheaper and easier to get.

Edit: something on topic: I could have entered my HFC VSR into this if I didn't sell it. Made it a summer project to make it as good as possible for under $200nz. Bought it second hand with Laylax barrel for $150. Bought a new TM cylinder set for $40 and put in a Firefly bucking I had. Tuned it for fun and got it shooting about 330fps and a laser out to 60m. Sold it for $50 profit :)
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Woogie How did you do that amazing snakeskin paint-job? I've always wanted something like that and especially where I play there are lots of pine needles so It's almost perfect(I say almost because they aren't long and thin, no immaturity meant btw
, almost for me at least).
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I have some mesh that I use.

I lay a coat of primer first, usually gray.
I then lay down the under coat first.
Then spray a few random colors around.
Lay some netting on rifle
Spray final coat over it all.
Seal with some clear.
Thats cool, now that you mention it the mesh wouldn't be one of those sports drag bags you see soccer coaches toting around soccer balls with would it?
That would work, or you can use the ally mesh used to repair car bodies of even a scrim scarf which seems to be favourite over here
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Any kind of mesh would work .... Just get something you will like.
SVD style G36 anyone?? ???

I did this just for shit n giggles.....

Its only a mock up, the barrel is massively to long and unwieldy not to mention fragile :-/

But I might do something along this line on the completed gun ;)

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If you shortened down the barrel, by like half.... It would look sweet.

Looks like you could fit two PSG-1 barrels in there.
To be fair if I cut it in half I'd still have spare length left over after fitting a 509mm barrel
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Just about looks like you need another hand guard up there though. What would it look like if you added another hand guard to it?
I'll take the mesh advice, and by the way this is just in my opinion, I think it would look even better with an SL9 stock and about half the barrel off. It could be a damn good counter sniper rifle (that is if the internals are up to par with the externals) ;).
Hmm, I'm going to have to get in on this. Time to scour the shop and see what things I can get together.

Vindi- I like the way the gas tube looks coming out of the 36 handguard. I think that feature must be kept.
octoberknight said:
(that is if the internals are up to par with the externals) ;).

Do you know who I am or what I do to airsoft DMRs? ::)

As you obviously don't judging by the last comment.....

I dont get on with the SL style stock grip hence the use of the C and I don't want anything everyone else has got or can have, when I finish it'll be the only 1 in the world until someone copies it ;)

Exclusives, that is what the world remembers!!

Woog - I'm trying to source a K or E length foregrip just to try it as it would make connecting the outters together easier, but I've cut the outter down now to fit a 509mm barrel in and it looks the dogs spheres now

I'll post another mock up pic with scope and bi-pod when I finish work, then its a small case of breaking it down into little bits and rebuilding it VA style ;)

Yer tiz

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That is kick ass vindi.
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