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OK guys this is what I am thinking of......

I have been looking around at the rifles that are under $100. And there are some that look like they may have some potential. So what about keeping this thread, kind of like an Uber thread, of things that can be done to the cheap rifles out there.

Have nothing but DIY stuffies to help out the newer guys that want to get into the sport, and those that bought that "crappy" first rifle due to cost.

I figure if would be fun to see what we all can come up with. I have been looking personally at the Well MB06. It is a clone of the Maruzen SR-2 rifle. Looks really BA in my opinion.

I know there is also the ever popular UTG 324. I personally have that one still to this day, and yes it was my first rifle for airsoft. And I love the thing..... even though you can pull the back of the bolt clean off....

So what do you think guys... You up to the task?

A few "rules" to consider.....
1.. Post what gun you are going to "mod"
2.. Only things that can be done in your home are allowed
3.. Parts can come from any rifle, just don't go nuts ;)
4.. Make sure to post what you did and how you did it, pics a plus (if ok with the mods)
5.. Nothing to custom... no metal lathes, mills, or special tools
6.. Gotta look cool.... this one is kind of a given

Mods if you think this is a dumb idea or pointless lemme know or just delete it.
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After a long afternoon in the shed avoiding the wife/rain, its finished ;)

Spec/mod list:

Old M14 barrel used as barrel extension
hand grip modified using 10mm copper pipe to give palm swell and finger and thumb rests.
home made silencer using baffles and foam.
400mm x 6.08 barrel, nubless TM rubber, Madbull fishbone nub.
Airbrake fitted to piston.
Bearing spring guide
M120 spring
Chi Com motor out of my old KART EBR
MOSFET and Deans

347 fps +/- 3 with a Excel .2s
12" groupings at 45 metres measured using .28 Guarders (when I'm feeling flush and the wind and rain disipate, I'll try again with SGMs ;))

Still to do a paint job, but I want to play test it next weekend before I do that

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Looks like the bastard child of an SVD and a G36. LOL
woogie said:
Looks like the bastard child of an SVD and a G36. LOL
Your right it does, but.......

Look familiar? ;)

Imperial Space Marine Scout with sniper rifle
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Damn you look tiny in that pic vindi.... Would make it easy to hide from people.


Well I got an AUG as well as a broken Bar10. I have fixed the bar10 and that is getting some cosmo work to it right now.

I was able to fit the trigger from an old L96 into the reworked trigger mec of the bar10. Looks sweet as of right now
Also attached a supressor at the end of her for looks.

I am planning on using this rifle as a "fast responce rifle" or as a basic loaner.

Pics to follow soon. Just need to get the camera away from my wife..
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You'll notice the pic is from when I was alot younger, as back then I still had hair

woogie said:
Well I got an AUG as well as a broken Bar10.

I am planning on using this rifle as a "fast responce rifle" or as a basic loaner.
Not a big fan of Bull pup weapons, especialy the SA80, I can see the merrits of them but I prefer the magazine where I can get at it easy :-/

I take it the BAR will be MED free then? ;)
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You know it ;)

I am working right now on a scope mod for her. I am taking a 4x fixed power NC star scope and working on making it look like a US optic or Unertl scope.

I am taking pics of the process now so I can put them up on the forum. As of right now I have $48 for the scope, $1.75 in PVC pipe parts, and $3.90 for the JB weld. I already had a tub of the body filler so not sure what that cots. But when I am done it should look like a very expensive piece of optic.

There is the thread for the scope make over.
I luv where your going with that stock mate, should look the DBs when its all done ;)

And top marks on convertin the scope
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DBs??? That a new one on me

I am planning on changing a few things to her still though. The end of scope is a little large for me. I am planning on taking that off and trying over, if I can get it off that is
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LOL ... Which one shady

I am sure Vindi is gonna whoop me on the AEG side of things ;)
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Yours just because its a bolt action.
But I will take both :)
woogie said:
DBs??? That a new one on me
The Dogs Bollocks ;)

Or K9 Spheres, mutts nuts...... all mean 'my, what a spiffingly fine job you've turned out there old boy, have a pimms with an slice and ice on me'
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Ok got ya...... Never heard that one. Will have to use that on my buddies.

You damn English folk with your fish and chips and chimney sweaps.....


Well I took the end of the scope off, and redid that. I just made the tube a bit smaller to make it look better.

I also made something else for the stock ;) Will make it look alot cooler, and something that I haven't seen on another rifle before.

Stay tuned to see pics.... ;) painting and what not right now. So when she is done will share.
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Well really didn't want to triple edit... So here it what the stock looks like as of now...

Need to apply the final coat of paint and rifle should be just about finished..

Here is the scope. Adjusted the diameter of the end tube.

Final pics to come soon guys.
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Luv the style of the stock mate, much better than the original

The scope looks better to now with the longer and narrower front bell ;)

Also I'm impressed your misses lets you do paint spraying in the front room.... my misses would stick by balls on a hot fork if she caught I doin that
...... ;)
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LOL... no the picture is sideways...

That is my "Paint room" in the basement. My wife would kill me as well if I was doing it on the porch
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Ok guys .... I AM DONE!!!

Finally finished the rifle and everything.

So what you guys think? What about you Vindi ;)
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