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Hey everyone this is my first vsr build as a newbie to sniping, its shooting accurately and chronoing consistently at around 520fps with .20s on full hop and 480fps on low hop. Just wondering if thats a good and normal fps for this type of build :)
Build list:
-Maple leaf 90° zero trigger set
(cnc 90°piston/maple leaf spring guide)
-AA hop up chamber (damping arm version)
-AA g spec inner barrel spacers
-Laylax nineball hard bucking
-AA M150 spring (bit loud not sure if normal)
-Teflon mod around cylinder threads and bucking
-Running stock cylinder and barrel (will eventually be upgrading)

Also this seems weird and im not sure if im missing something? But my stock bolt doesnt seem to be big enough/able to push the zero trigger down to unlock the safety on the ml trigger kit, and I have to stick foam or tape under the bolt to hold it down to be able to pull the trigger. I wanted another bolt anyways so just got one with a bigger handle no worries there, but does anyone with one of these kits know why it wouldn't be pushing down? Are you required to buy a enlarged ml bolt like I did or something? Or is my gun just weird lol. (See pic) View attachment 20671
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