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building a DMR

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I don't know if this is enough to make a DMR or not, but I have a 440 dollar budget. I like M4/m16/m4 varriant, and I wasn't sure what base/platform gun I should get, and how much one should pay on one. Also could you type out a list of internal upgrades to buy for the gun within my budget? Is it possible to get a gun in this price range to make a dmr and have the gun have solid externals,(won't break, no wobbles, etc,)? Thanks ahead of time guys I appreciate the help.
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I know a fella who made an sr-25 or something (Can't remember but it was one of those variants) out of a broken ICS. He also has two uppers so he can slide in a 500 fps one for when he is playing in the uk and a 328fps one for when he is playing in Ireland. It is a beast of a gun.
MAte if you are going for an M14 TM all the way, a fella has one of those at our site and he is tagging people off at 150ft which for a gun around 300fps is amazing. They re harder to work with but amazing stock.
batman said:
What upgrades would you give a TM M14 if you had 50 dollars or so,(I can scrounge up mroe money if what you recommend is a little over my budget by 50 or so dollars)? Strictly to improve accuarcy,range, and consistency? Since it has 280 fps I figured I'd upgrade the fps to a spring that would be shooting 380 fps. What's the max fps the gun can handle? I'm a bit stuck inbetween either a m`6, or a m14 so sorry for asking questions about a different type of gun.
Sorry for double posting but simply get a new barrel. Do't touch the hop till you have to as they have an amazingly good hop up unit, and I would put in a 350fps spring until you start replacing parts.
batman said:
I thought most high end stock aeg's that are made for field games could hit 150 descently accurately. If I got one of those m16's they would be shooting the same max accurate range if this is true, and I would have double or so money to spend on upgrades. I'm going where the best deal is.

Some guys on another forum advised me to instead of buying a TM M14 and upgrading it with 50$, 100$ if I do the work my self. That I buy a cyma M14 and spend 340/390 on upgrades. What do you guys think about that?
TBH I would get an m16 if you want a gun that is reasonably cheap and easily upgradeable. With CYMA you have to consider how long the body etc. Will last if you want this to be a long term gun. That is why people buy the higher end models, logetivity.
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