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building a DMR

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I don't know if this is enough to make a DMR or not, but I have a 440 dollar budget. I like M4/m16/m4 varriant, and I wasn't sure what base/platform gun I should get, and how much one should pay on one. Also could you type out a list of internal upgrades to buy for the gun within my budget? Is it possible to get a gun in this price range to make a dmr and have the gun have solid externals,(won't break, no wobbles, etc,)? Thanks ahead of time guys I appreciate the help.
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I'm a bit new to high end AEG's s, and a bit new to airsoft, playing with entry level guns only so far for about year. So please excuse my ignorance.
I have an air-smith that will do the work for me, the price for his work is not included in my budget, the 440 dollars is all on the gun and gun parts. My local air-soft field has a 500 fps limit for semi/bolt snipers. I don't mind if it's plastic as long as it can take a beating. I guess for a DMR I would like a M16. I would like the gun shooting 250+ feet accurately, or am I setting the bar too high here? I have 50 extra dollars besides the 440 to spend on a good battery, I have plenty of chargers. Also I assume optics aren't required but if that is problem I could take off a scope from one of my real steel guns and sight it in for my guns range. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
On another forum some people said that it would be best to get a cheap 150-200 jg aeg, and build from there but others then told me to get a 250-300 gun and build from there because that if I get a cheap aeg my gun's externals would be pretty bad whole gun wobbling and the gun would have external problems, etc. Just what I've read on other forums.
What type of battery do you think i should get if the gun is going to be a m16? is my battery budget too low if so, I can scrounge up a little more money for a better battery. this one, and if I knew which brand m16 to get I wouldn't have asked. since I'm sinking in hundreds of dollars I'm going to make sure every penny counts, by asking questions to people that know the answers. Also is this ics gun a good choice to go with as a platform gun?
Buying one of those high end guns, I would have with the sr12 a 80 dollar budget give or take with a coupon to spend on upgrades. Would I still have enough to make the gun be shooting accurately at 250+feet? OR with the ics about 60 more dollars on the budget, I want the best way to go to get the best possible DMR build I can get. someone told me that the performance of the kwa sr10 said was practically identical to the sr 12, and the sr10 was max accuracy at 150 feet. just food for thought.

on a side note
Some guys on another forum were talking about a flat hop up mod whatever that is, and said this video was related to that mod. Any thoughts on this and could you clarify what a flat hop up mod is?
OK so I spend the money on the 300 or 360 dollar, 300=ics kwa=360, what do I do with the rest of the money to spend on internal upgrades to get them to be shooting 250+feet accurately?
In the end I just want a DMR with nice externals, and a gun that is shooting 250+feet accurately, do I have enough money to do this? A couple of you have told me that spend 300-360 dollars on the platform gun. SO if I spend the rest on internal upgrades will have my gun shooting 250+feet accurately? Also which internal upgrades would you recommend for a DMR build with this budget, and could you list them by which one is most important to the least important upgrade. I haven't played airsoft for a month due to the fact I spent a couple weeks on selling my previous guns and another just researching guns and looking at reviews to finally decide I want a DMR so could someone give me a straight answer on how to approach this problem so I can get the best possible way to obtain the DMR I so truly desire to own so I can get back to airsoft before the summer ends.
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what's the max accurate range of the sr 10? I've heard that the kwa's are hard to upgrade. I've heard a lot of bad things about ics being good to upgrade on but nothing really special,(just what I heard). So I've got a sr12, a vfc m16, a ics m16, or this TM M14 which I thought was pretty cool since some people have told me that the stock performance of the gun was shooting 180 accurately. Correct me if I''m wrong basically I don't have enough money to make a true DMR, but I could what I'm interrperting is that I get one of these high end aeg's that don't take up my whole budget and use the remaing 100 dollars or so to tweak it up so I take out what the gun's known cons are, and bring up the peformance a bit. I was wondering with this amount of money what is the possible max accurate range I get with what ever gun I get on average, and which one would be the best choice to go with? Also if you know a better base gun to go with,(I don't like AUG's that much) that will be better for my money and easy to upgrade feel free to put in your input.

P.S. thanks for taking your time for helping me, I'd be lost without your guy's guidance on the best route to take on my dream to get a DMR!
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What upgrades would you give a TM M14 if you had 50 dollars or so,(I can scrounge up mroe money if what you recommend is a little over my budget by 50 or so dollars)? Strictly to improve accuarcy,range, and consistency? Since it has 280 fps I figured I'd upgrade the fps to a spring that would be shooting 380 fps. What's the max fps the gun can handle? I'm a bit stuck inbetween either a m`6, or a m14 so sorry for asking questions about a different type of gun.
I thought most high end stock aeg's that are made for field games could hit 150 descently accurately. If I got one of those m16's they would be shooting the same max accurate range if this is true, and I would have double or so money to spend on upgrades. I'm going where the best deal is.

Some guys on another forum advised me to instead of buying a TM M14 and upgrading it with 50$, 100$ if I do the work my self. That I buy a cyma M14 and spend 340/390 on upgrades. What do you guys think about that?
So I've heard that the vfcf m16 is better than the ics m16,(heard the sr12 is hard to upgrade) So with 150$ what upgrades would you give the gun, and what would the guns performance be accuracy/range wise?
Decided I'm going with the M14 look, so other people have told me to go in with a CYMA and upgrade it with 320 dollars or so worth of upgrades, rather than buying a TM M14 and upgrading it with 50 dollars or so. What upgrades would you give the CYMA M14 to make it as close to a DMR as possible, brands/parts? Do you guys think that going with the CYMA is a bad choice? Also could you could you give a list of upgraded parts/brands you would recommend?

Yeah I know I've been bouncing here but watching BHD, and seeing it in action by one of America's elite unit I fell in love with the gun.
What do you guys think of that link and what it says about which brands to buy good list? And right now I'm not sure which brand to go with now at the end of this I don't know if it's possible but I would like to be shooting 200+ feet accurately. I'm sorry to say but now I'm pretty lost on which brand KWA(which doesn't have a m14), ICS, G&P, G&G CYMA, TM, etc. I hope someone can clear this up for me.
I actually like the stock look of the M14 quite nicely, ebbr is nice too.
So you don't think I'll be skimping out with the CYMA if I use the rest of my money solely on internal upgrades?
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