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Building a Race Pistol.

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Kind of pointless for me because I can`t find any shooting competitions near me but its get for training, looking bad A, and I`ll try to start some between friends.

So of course as the title says I`m building a race pistol.
My base pistol is a 1911 Hicapa by KJW which is amazing. Sending bbs 160 feet easy.

Tell me what parts would be the best and what would work great. I need it too look bad A too.

Okay things I`m going to start doing in order of when I`m going to do it.
1.Tune the sear and hammer set for short trigger pull (DONE) Also engraving my name on it lol (Done)
2. Cut the barrel and port it. Glock style( Will do tommorow or yeah...)
3. Cut a prototype slide design. Heavy ported. Getting ideas from Lazouche. Going to be a TM stock slide.
4. If all works properly. Short stroking with go in progess. If it works majestically. Will be switch to a metal slide.
5. Metal slide will be ported.
6. Rail mount and a red dot will be acquired. Along with a new handgrip, IPSC looking screws, Magwell maybe... , and a charging handle.
7. After funds are up. I will sell my l96. Get a snappier bbh and loading nozzle and light weight sears.
8. Get accuracy set up.
9. Training.
10. Field it train and pwn.

Tell me what part I should get that you reccomdend and if this would be nice. Thanks for reading and helping.
As you can tell I like working on pistols alot.
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Well I haven't done it... But I'd suggest to get a ported barrel and then cut the slide to accept it.

Something like this

It would be easier to that.

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My update video coming soon. Guns working now with insane rof.
Can't wait to see the vid! I'm trying to gather ideas so I can make a race pistol myself :p
What about the APS-3 pistol? There's some cool looking external parts. :D
It's a springer pistol? :shrug:
APS3 has a really weird system...
I was thinking to buy one a few years back.. Until i actually hold it in my hands and shot it!
Don't get me wrong the gun is very accurate but it's a pain to shoot it!
The mag holds 5+1 rounds!

Here's why!

I'd rather stick to GBBs!!

I have shot the actual pellet version of that pistol. And to be honest it is a sweet gun to hold, as well to shoot.
One bit of advice, paint strips on it, it'll fire faster then :p

In all seriousness though - What is the big appeal in race pistols other than being a money blender :p . Do you just like the speed, the competitions (Where on earth are they held?) or the collecting pride?
It is something that not many people have.

And the competitions are really fun as well. We have done a few of them up here in my area, though we use "service pistols". And it is a really good way to get some practice with target id and snap shooting.
Well sorry guys I was going to post avideo then my gun pooped out on me and stopped working. Soo I`m soo sad right now. Don`t know what to do. =*(

Any ideas?
Are all the parts meshing okay? The barrel looks like it could be creating friction with the slide and there seems to be some material taken out of the bottom of the slide. If you removed the material you need to deburr thoroughly, when I do porting I run it down to about 600 grit sandpaper, and if it's an inner barrel, about 1200 grit... I would also check your leaf spring and trigger, not to mention the blowback unit... Maybe some lube?
Check the sear... It looks to me it's not hitting properly the mag valve...

OKay the slide works great till it goes back to like 3 mm where it gets really rough and doesnt want to go all the way back. I don`t think its the barrel. Yes its been port down there. I sanded it down and then sanded it down pretty good I don`t have fancy tool like you cheese although I would love it. My leaf spring or trigger sear what ever you prefer is perfect. Along with the trigger I tuned it to be very short trigger pull. The BBU is making me wonder I`ll suck that thing in lube to see if it will work. If all else fails. I`ll just get this.
Might as well get a update or new parts and get a 5ku comp with it. Then I`ll switch out to a new bbu. To a 5ku speed one.
Check the valve on the mag. I've seen them stick causing the same problem.
To Dutton.
Thats what I kinda think. But not exactly. Ill make a update video today again later.
I had to say this. Dutton is winner... My we mag was the problem... OOOOH WOW. Next problem I replace the we mag bottom into my kjw which had a broken valve problem and it works. But it only holds gas for 4 shots which is its max which is kinda weird. Also the slide still doesnt go all the way back. But it feeds now.
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