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Building M40 A5(Need help)

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It took allot of research, but Ive finally got all the parts and together to build a M40 A5 with KAC SR25 suppressor.

Ive wanted to do this for awhile. The final straw was when Ares said they were going to make a M40. After looking at the pictures, I was disgusted at the lack of detail and the exorbitant cost. I thought, "Hell I can make a superior M40 that cant be copied" so I decided to build another one of my custom guns. The first obstacle was the stock. I wanted to get a mcmillian stock, on a budget(LOL) I almost got one , but it didnt work out. My contact in MCmillan couldnt hook me up with a stock, and CDI was too busy, I talked to a rep at ------- and bought one of their .308 short pull tactical rifle stocks. It comes with aluminum bedding and all the features of a McMillian, even has a v cut so the barrel will osculate correctly. I could have gotten a Mcmillan stock, but id have to wait 3 months for the price I wanted to pay. I figured Im shooting BBs, not match grade ammo, and for the price I paid, I couldn't be happier.

2) the gun:Base gun is a kjw M700

Cnc chamber
edgi 6.00 tightbore
2 Roy hop up
9 ball purple bucking
gg striker spring
gas route springs
gg rubbers
stainless nozzle(custom sized)

The barrel: Tanaka M700 heavy barrel

The dilemma: I need someone who is good with CNC work. I need to make a mag release and have the rifle action and barrel aligned correctly with the stock. If anyone can do this Id be happy to pay them.
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I would recommend that you look around for second production McMillian stocks. Talk to a McMillan rep, they usually have one or 2 laying around. They have small flaws, but are mostly cosmetic. They run anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on where you look. Personally your better off hitting up CDI for any custom jobs they mess up on, or look on midway usa for rifle stocks with a "vertical grip" Unless you know someone they can be VERY expensive. Do your homework and talk nice on the phone, go straight to the dealers and not the suppliers. If anyone here is USA based and can make a mag release for this gun/knows how to properly mount and align the action blot, and barrel pm me.
If you go onto the SpudFiles forum, a potato gun forum, they have a thread where you can get quotes for machining jobs and then find someone to do them. I don't think they would care what they are making it for as long as it's not for something against the law.
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