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Bull Barrels

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So, from what I understand, Bull Barrels start at the normal 8.55mm diameter, then taper up to 10mm. I also understand that they reduce vibrations... or so the manufacturers say. But can anyone attest to the increased performance/accuracy of them? Also, is it true that you need a new OUTER barrel to accommodate these? I was looking, actually, at getting a "cooler" outer barrel for my VSR to make it more unique... but it would be nice to have some functionality too.

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So basically, some barrel spacers and tape will help more than a thicker wall. I always thought that the whole bull barrel thing seemed a little weird.
Or like the twisted fluted one... pretty sick, and doesn't look like the standard VSR everyone has.
inthetallgrass said:
awagg said:
You could lathe one. IF you have the skills, time, money and equipment. That truly would be awesome. It would probably be hard to find a correct thread though.
PDI stuff's pretty nice though. Would be sweet to say you made it though.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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