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Bullet Drop Compensation

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I was just out shooting my 700 and I just actually realized that I have to hold about 2 and a half Mils on my target to hit it. I was just asking if anybody else has to aim as I as I do. Mind you that my gun is shooting at about 450 consistently. Is that not hard enough?
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How far away is your target?

450 should be hard enough, my rifle shoots about 400 fps at the moment and shoots about 50 meters before the bb drops.

It might be your scope, you may have sighted it in too high.
My target is exactly 190 feet away. I think that either my hop-up is aligned improperly or like you said that it is my scope. I had this problem with my old Barska, I replaced the scope and it is having the same problem as before. I have no clue why I didn't realize it before being that I have had my Tasco for about a month now.
150 feet away, but still, it shouldn't be that messed up with only a 40 foot difference.
What gram BB are you using? Also which direction was the wind blowing? Are you shooting up or down hill? What is the shot grouping you have at 150 feet, 190 feet? What power is your scope set to when you zeroed? Was it the same power when you were shooting at 190 feet?

These are a few questions that would need to be stated for a sufficient answer to be given. Then we can make a SWAG.
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Well, when I shoot my ASR Im just about dead on at 240-250 for where I have my scope set. But at 200 I have to aim like 2.5 or 3 mil low. So yes. if you have your gun zeroed at 150, then you could be compensating for drop at 190.
BB are not Bullits... if you really think about it.. the ratio you are talking about is probably right.

lets say your rifle can reach out to 250ft that 40ft change would equate to 130yrd in real steel ballistics.
that would easily put you in a 1-2 mil change in DOP
I am using .30. I have the wind blowing into my face nearly head on.I am shooting slightly uphill. I have it sighted in at 5x and I keep it on 5x no matter what. You guys are probably right because these aren't actually real ballistics. I guess it's just kind of awkward because I'm used to shooting my dad's AR and my 22. Well, thanks guys problem solved.
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