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Bullpup Sniper Design

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Here's my little project I've been designing for about a year now. CAD design is near complete so machining will start very soon. Everything except the scope has been designed one off. 509mm inner barrel length in a 30" overall length. Custom hop up design using vsr buckings and barrels. Open to thoughts and criticism!!
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Very nice reminds me of a VKS, have you considered an internal HPA tank storage?
I took ideas from that, some 50bmg rifles, and SKAT. I was originally going to make the stock solid and house a CO2 rig but I turned away from it because of design and looks. I have also figured out if I want to do something internal I have room inside the suppressor to build something.
That's pretty awesome, is it mechanically or electronically actuated?
Thank you! Its all mechanical using a simple knocker and pin seal.
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I'm confused by the hopup-cylinder head interface. In the VSR system, the nozzle is supposed to go in the bucking, but this appears to be sealing against the outside. Am I looking incorrectly?
Yeah so I know it's confusing to look at because the bolt and knocker surround the hop-up unit but here it is by itself. When the bolt is pulled all the way back it hits the cycle nozzle(brown) and allows a feed. The bolt will catch back forward just past where the cycle nozzle meets up with the bucking. I wanted to make the most solid setup possible and I figured a moving nozzle wouldn't be ideal when firing. This way nothing moves when firing. The red rod is a detent so the nub cannot spin. Metal U channel nub. 2 piece hop-up chamber(teal/purple). Air from the valve in the back comes up through the tube(purple) when the knocker hits the valve.
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As I thought. Your nozzle doesn't go into the bucking the way a normal vsr nozzle goes into a vsr bucking. Instead you made a copsystem who's nozzle-bucking interface is more akin to an aeg system. I think this will result in the the bb being placed too far back resulting in major inconsistency.
Hmmmm you're right. I've been out of the game too long and forgot about that. Good catch I'll have to extend the nozzle some into the bucking.
Any reason in particular you're making your own scope rings rather than buying a set? Function? Or just aesthetics?
I'm making everything on the rifle so I figured why stop at the scope rings. I'd make the scope too if I did more research on how they're made 😅
Definitely can't make a good scope, you'd need custom made lenses and a way to get a gas tight print, and you'd need to fill it with nitrogen somehow
Exactly why that's where I'm stopping at what I'm making
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