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Bulltrigger 2 Bolt Quick change

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Hello guys,

I am planning to install a Bolt quick change system into my vsr 10.
It shall work with the bulltrigger 2, because it is work great in my gun.

I am no engineer. I simply think it should be possible to remove the spring guide stopper, without separating stock and receiver first.
The Bulltrigger 2 has a removable spring guide stopper, you just have to pull it down.

I am thinking of the Tac41, where you screw an allenkey into the spring guide stopper to pull it down.
I would like to do this with as little modifications to my gun as possible.

Any thoughts on this?

Disassembling the VSR isnt difficult, however it might be unnecessary.
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"hardened stainless steel" that they are probably using isn't actually that hard, a standard drill bit for metal should do fine, same with any standard metal tap.
For the drill, if you see lots of difficulty then you could use a cobalt steel one, but a standard HSS/high speed steel bit and tap should drill and thread perfectly fine.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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