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Bulltrigger 2 Bolt Quick change

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Hello guys,

I am planning to install a Bolt quick change system into my vsr 10.
It shall work with the bulltrigger 2, because it is work great in my gun.

I am no engineer. I simply think it should be possible to remove the spring guide stopper, without separating stock and receiver first.
The Bulltrigger 2 has a removable spring guide stopper, you just have to pull it down.

I am thinking of the Tac41, where you screw an allenkey into the spring guide stopper to pull it down.
I would like to do this with as little modifications to my gun as possible.

Any thoughts on this?

Disassembling the VSR isnt difficult, however it might be unnecessary.
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I read the bulltrigger is made of hardened stainless steel. this wont be as easy, as making new threads into my aluminium receiver.

Your way is definitely a durable way of doing this, however I hoped to make this without this much modifications. Like using some wire glued to the spring guide stopper.
seems like its time to gather all materials and tools to do this.
Thanks for the guide, this will make vsr even more comfortable.
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Is there a way to pull down the trigger sear from the outside, to insert the cylinder?
is your stock open on the bottom, so that you can hold the trigger sear?
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