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Hello there,

I finally have all the required materials to build my very own ghillie suit but as I always like to be a 110% sure of everything I do I'm back here, seeking advice.

I have everything, the netting is sewn and the burlap is ready, the one problem I have before dyeing it and start fixing it up on the netting - how much burlap should I have (very approximately) for a L size bdu ghillie (not yeti).

I'd like to know from your experience how much you actually need as you lose loads of burlap while destringing it the usual way, so I wouldnt just use the dyes for a quantity of burlap that turns out not to be enough for the whole ghillie and having to repeat that process ... :)

Thanks in advance for any replies.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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