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BUYING a ghillie?

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Being on this site for a few weeks I have picked up that buying a ghillie seems frowned upon as opposed to making one yourself. Well I have neither the money (i am 16, broke and jobless) or the skill needed to make my own and still, I would like a ghillie suit. My friend has a store-bought ghillie that his uncle (a hunter, not an airsofter ;) gave him and it works well I'd say. If I was going to buy a (woodland) ghillie suit, where could I get one that is cheap but won't make me look like a fool?
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Okay this doesn't make much sense to me. You say you don't have the money so..... you want to buy one? Correct me if I'm worng but isn't it cheaper to make your own ghillie suit vs. Buying one? And the skills required are rough job sewing gluing and tying and if you get caught up on somthing look at fuzzywolly's walkthrough/guide its awesome!

And please if I am wrong on any of this correct me please because I'm also about to start a ghillie suit so I would love to know if I've misunderstood the posts on here.
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