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CA M24: A Few Things To Clear Up

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Okay, so I got my M24 today
and well I love the thing :-* .............when it works. The only problem I'm having so far are misfeeds, and that is due to the poor choice of mag design. The bb feeder, or the little black piece that sits upon the spring I believe is the culprit along with the spring itself. The feeder doesn't push BB's up all the time and it get stuck etc etc. So has anyone else encountered this and what did you do to remedy this? I will probably be buying another mag or so sometime soon, but in the meantime, hand loading bbs, like others have said, sucks.

The other few questions are, is the hop up adjustment the little screw inside the magwell at the top? Are the screws that need replacing all of them, or just the stock-reciever screws? Finally, there is a lot of play in the bolt handle. Can I tighten the hex screw in the back of the bolt to remedy this?

And yes, I will be adding pics sometime soon to get my baby up here with everyone else.
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