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CA M24 in stock

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Anyone know where to order one of these I can't find anywhere that has them in stock new can someone give me a link
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These are discontinued a few years ago so it's pretty hard to find them in stock.
I know a place in Germany that it may still have one or two still in stock but they are pretty pricey (295€).

I'd suggest to search for a used one, you can find an upgraded one for a very good price and it will have a couple of extra mags (Also very hard to find).
This is a perfect example to good rifle..
If I didn't own one I'd definitely go for it.

Can you give me the link to the site?
Money is not a issue I just want a new one
Well it was a couple of months ago, they told me they were expecting 4 military version rifles.
You can mail them if they will restock.

ASG have it on there website. May be worth contacting them to see if they will supply one or where there closest retailer/stockist is to yourself.
Lots in stock in Canada, however the place I purchased mine only ships in Canada. I don't know if you can find a way around that issue but if it helps the website is

Happy hunting, hope you can find one.
Ya it's weird I don't know why there are so many in Canada most sell for 550 cad but now airsoft Toronto has them for the same price as a us retailer. If money is not an issue you could try scoping around hong kong based sites they may have one ?
I have tried and failed to find them in stock. Let alone a military version.
I ended up finding one on ebay for relatively cheap.
Same here... I found one in Germany but the price was 320€ (fairly high for a gun that I'd change pretty much everything!). I bought mine almost new for 140€ but I installed the CA advanced cylinder set the same week I bought it!

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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