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CA M24 PDI PART OR LAYLAX PART? - Now with review

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Hi Guys, I'm Andrew from Jakarta, i need some advice from you guys.

So basicly i'm using almost all laylax part for my M24 CA
My set up:
- PDI innerbarrel 6,01 515mm
- PDI Hop Up Chamber
- PDI W Hop Up Rubber
- PDI Barrel Spacer 4 Pieces
- Laylax Piston 3 Element Purple
- Laylax Piston Head Red
- Laylax Spring Guide
- Laylax Teflon Cylinder
- Laylax Bolt Handle
- Laylax Cylinder Head
- Laylax sp210

I need some advice on PDI Upgrade parts, because i'm considering to change my part all into pdi's. I need some information about the accuracy and durability. Which one is the best , laylax or pdi.

I already tried to browse a lot of website, but i couldn't find any concrete data, hoping you could help me on this one.

And the last thing i want to ask is about the PDI W Hop Up rubber, does anyone have better accuracy with others rubber hop up?

Thx a lot guys

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My VSR is all PDI Inside, and it shoots very well. Parts are well made, fairly priced, and so far, I haven't had anything break.
headshot06 said:
Mgunner said:
My VSR is all PDI Inside, and it shoots very well. Parts are well made, fairly priced, and so far, I haven't had anything break.
How about the vacuum piston? I heard the o ring ran out pretty fast, i know that pdi sell the o ring , but i hate to break down my riffle time after time. That's one of the reason i bought laylax part.

And what distance you could get with your vsr? Could you be more specific about the distance and accuracy. We are talking about 40- 50 m grouping.

Really appreciate your input, thx
Can't say much for the VC piston, as I use the HD piston. I also meant to say BAR10 in place of VSR, but anyway!

Distance is great, probably around the 300ft mark (little less then 100m) I cant really say much for accuracy ATM because everything in that department (bucking, barrel, chamber,) is all stock, but 250 foot body shots are pretty consistent, I would say 8/10. Not bad with a stock bucking and barrel:p (done with the Pro version, that has a 430mm IB.)

my 40-50-m groupings (which Im going to guesstimate is about 120-150 feet) are very nice. you should have no problem on a slightly windy day.
I figure that VS pistons aren't the best over the HD piston because like Metallica said, barrel suck, AFAIK, is a myth and they are impossible to get perfect compression with.

Headshot, the key is in the spring! ;)
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