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CA M24 PDI PART OR LAYLAX PART? - Now with review

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Hi Guys, I'm Andrew from Jakarta, i need some advice from you guys.

So basicly i'm using almost all laylax part for my M24 CA
My set up:
- PDI innerbarrel 6,01 515mm
- PDI Hop Up Chamber
- PDI W Hop Up Rubber
- PDI Barrel Spacer 4 Pieces
- Laylax Piston 3 Element Purple
- Laylax Piston Head Red
- Laylax Spring Guide
- Laylax Teflon Cylinder
- Laylax Bolt Handle
- Laylax Cylinder Head
- Laylax sp210

I need some advice on PDI Upgrade parts, because i'm considering to change my part all into pdi's. I need some information about the accuracy and durability. Which one is the best , laylax or pdi.

I already tried to browse a lot of website, but i couldn't find any concrete data, hoping you could help me on this one.

And the last thing i want to ask is about the PDI W Hop Up rubber, does anyone have better accuracy with others rubber hop up?

Thx a lot guys

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metallicafatcat said:
Why do you want to change?
Basicly i want to change the cylinder set with pdi palsonite cylinder set vc, i'm hoping to get a better accuracy with pdi vacuum piston.
Mgunner said:
My VSR is all PDI Inside, and it shoots very well. Parts are well made, fairly priced, and so far, I haven't had anything break.
How about the vacuum piston? I heard the o ring ran out pretty fast, i know that pdi sell the o ring , but i hate to break down my riffle time after time. That's one of the reason i bought laylax part.

And what distance you could get with your vsr? Could you be more specific about the distance and accuracy. We are talking about 40- 50 m grouping.

Really appreciate your input, thx

Wow a little less than 100 m is very far, i'm pretty impress. I'm wondering what is the results if somebody using the pdi vc piston.
Mgunner said:
I figure that VS pistons aren't the best over the HD piston because like Metallica said, barrel suck, AFAIK, is a myth and they are impossible to get perfect compression with.

Headshot, the key is in the spring! ;)
The spring? so what you recommend the best spring , 170, 190 or 210?, because currently i'm using 210 sp with madbull 0,43 black bb with 520 fps result but the grouping is not enough for me. is it because the spring is to high? from 40 m i only get probably 30-40 cm grouping.
metallicafatcat said:
Sounds like you have a huge hop system flaw. Changing brands won't help you any except for more consistency.
Well i'm using the pdi w hold rubber and pdi chamber of course. Is is because the rubber? Do you have any recomendation for the rubber?

The rubber nub is perfectly align, is it because the fps is to high and the rubber couldn't handle stress?
metallicafatcat said:
What barrel are you using?
I'm using pdi 6,01 innerbarrel 515mm
metallicafatcat said:
Ok, just wondering.. you didn't mention it so I assumed it may have been the stock barrel. Have you tried looking for installation errors.
Yes i've been looking for some actually and i couldn't fine any installation error. I get a perfect compression from the part. Probably the main problems is in the hop up area. My PDI hop up chamber and PDI bucking part is align already, including the scopes. I aligned the scope and the barrel set without using the stock. Because i do find the stock is not perfectly mold, so i never align the scopes with the body install.

So from that i do have a conclusion in my mind that cause this problem. And please do correct me if i'm wrong

1. Hop up Bucking (couldn't handle the fps)
2. Trigger system ( because i use stock one, and probably because of the heavy trigger pull, it's effecting the accuracy)
3. the spring is to high ( currently sp210) that caused the trigger pull too hard and the bucking not working right.

So my plan is to try the sp 170 because i do have a spare one and lets see how it does. Of course Zero trigger is a must, but i'm still saving for that one.

So.. anyone have experience using the PDI W HOLD Buckings? if you had any please kindly give me some review. It would be really helpful, because i hate to breakdown my riffle in order to change the bucking.
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Cheese Man said:
I would be inclined to say that your issues are not with the parts, it is with the adjustment and tuning of those parts. Frankly, the parts you have in the rifle right now are just fine, you just need to spend more time tuning it. It also wouldn't hurt to downgrade that spring a little, or use a hop system better suited to insanely high fps than our own bump-in-a-rubber-sleeve system.

Granted, 520 is not insanely high, but I find that the bump-system maxes out at a little over 400. After that, the bb needs more stabilization in order that it does not wobble in flight.
Yes that's one of my plan cheese man, i'm planning to use the sp170 hoping to get a better grouping. Thanks for your input,

So what bucking are you using currently in your riffle?
Thanks cheese man for your input, well the problem i have is the way the otterbarrel installed on my stock. It's miss align for sure, it causing my hop chamber miss align also. Therefore i have to align my scope crosshair with my outerbarrel without my stock installed.
Well finally i change all my internal into pdi, except the trigger, i still use the stock one because the triggerpull is very light.
Below are the list of my upgrade, and i will give some review also from my personal opinion.

- PDI Innerbarrel 6,01 - 515mm
- PDI Hop Up Chamber
- PDI W Hop Up Rubber
- PDI Barrel Spacer 4 Pieces
- PDI Tappered Cylinder Head
- PDI Piston VC
- PDI Spring Guide
- PDI Palsonite Cylinder
- PDI Bolt Handle
- PDI End Cap
- PDI SPR 250 Spring
- FPS stable at 470 With madbull 0,43 black bb

Personal review compared to laylax part:

1. Accuracy and grouping quite significantly better
2. The bolt pull is much more smoother than the laylax teflon
3. The bolt pull is significanly lighter ( it feels like using the laylax sp170) and i'm using the spr250 spring
4. The bolt handle design makes easier to pull in the correct way.
5. Significantly more silenced
6. Triggerpull is lighter than using sp 170

1. The end cap screw is easily loose after 2 magazine shots. Well a locktite could solve this problem
2. The laylax cylinder looks more durable than laylax, and it's a little bit heavier also.

Well basicly i got the grouping and fps i desire, i hope this review could help you guys also.

So i did a shooting test with a card board from 16 meters (52 feet) after a lot of adjustment with my hop up. Thank goodness i got pretty good grouping ( well that is my personal opinion, i do not know about you guys)

UPDATED 6.12.2011 with a little bit more tuning:

Below you could check the biggest circle target 22 cm diameter, and the circle inside
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