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CA M24 rails *pics*

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Ok guys

Well here I go again, modding a rifle And to be honest this would be something that anyone would be able to do.... yes even you reading this.

After looking around a few different sites, and really wanting to make my M24 something a little different.... as I do with all of my rifles. I was seeing a rail section for the rifle. For the usual PEQ box, sights, and other options. So I started to look around and writing up a few WTB ads on a few forums. And our own Dutton was able to get me the railed section that I was looking for.

I am not sure as to what the rail is called, but it looks like a CASV rail system. Dutton is going to have to chime in and let us know the exact details of the rail.

Now on to the rifle it self.....

I had to do a little mid of modding to get the railed section to fit on the rifle itself. The few spots that I had to mod was the rail on the M24, to get the screws to hold onto the rail. As well as the front metal sleeve that holds on to the two side rails. I had to trim a little bit off of the end to allow the rifle rail to slide under the system.

Now comes the hard part...... I am not sure if I want to bend the rails, and possibly have it look stupid, or to cut the stock to have the rails sit nice and flush to the rifle. I can do either to be honest, but I am just not to sure how strong the aluminum is that holds the side rails on. I don't want to bend it and make it so weak as they will tear off the rifle. Though not sure I want to carve into the stock either. Though I would be able to make the stock look nice, as well as have another attachment point for the rail to be rock solid.

What do you guys think???


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Looks great man. Hopefully it didn't at too much more weight to the rifle! The rail is a CASV, though I've had it for probably 5+ years and couldn't tell you the brand anymore.
It really doesn't add that much weight to the rifle.

The only thing I am worried about now is that if I cut down the stock, if the mag well will slide between the screw holes.
I would try to cut the stock unless you are sure that the rails won't break or anything.

Looks great though!
I would never bend anything airsoft related it generally just snaps. (especially China made *&^#)

There's lots of real-estate on the M24 stock for screws and such and cutting into it would probably be the best way to go.

Oh and it will look bad if you do manage to bend it.
I'd cut the stock. You can always fill it in with Bondo and repaint it.
I am going to be doing surgery this weekend on the rifle.

PICS to follow!
Well I started cutting...... and I didn't know that there was an aluminum in the fore arm of the stock!! Well off to the hardware store to get some more cutting wheels:p
Well I got the rifle done, and to be honest she looks great. Though I think that my arms are going to fall off due to the added weight. I was going to get some pics for you guys, but my wife has the camera so they will have to wait until tomorrow.

The one bad thing about the rifle now is that the very front of the rifle stock kind of sags :( I am going to fix this with a strand of velcro around the front part of the stock.

But more pics will be up tomorrow.

Long range scope

Short scope, for night fighting
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