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CA M24 Upgrades

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Hi all,

I just recently purchased a CA M24 Military type. I'm looking to upgrade the SWS to shoot about 550 fps and/or over. I've been doing some research and have noticed that many of the parts used in APS 2s can be used in M24s. However, my problem is that I'm not sure exactly which parts would work in an M24 and which wouldn't. I'd hate to start purchasing parts to only later realize that they're not compatible.

So with that, I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction, as far as, which parts they would recommend to start building upon my platform.

Thanks for your time!
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Thanks for the information it's very much appreciated. Also thank you for the very warm welcome! I have seen the cylinder drop in kits. My only question is; are the rest of the stock internals strong enough to handle that powerful of a spring?

Three more questions: 1) The APS zero trigger assembly (I know it needs slight modification to fit in an M24) is it worth it? Does it really make a big difference. 2) Teflon cylinders; does the one for the APS two work in the M24 and do they make much of a difference? 3) Hop up bucking; which kind of bucking is recommended for fps that high?

Again, thank you for your advice and I apologize for all the questions.
I just want to make sure I understand this correctly. So pretty much any part for an APS 2 will fit into a CA (some parts with minor modification) except for the hop up unit. As far as the hop up unit is concerned I need to make sure that I have one made specifically for an M24. The Hop up unit suggested would be a PDI Hop up unit made specifically for M24s?

Everything else, I think I pretty much understand, i.e the bucking and cylinder information. Thanks again for all your help!
Great!!! Thanks again for all your help! I really do appreciate it!

Another question: Has anyone ever used the DB custom 6.01mm inner barrel? Do they really make a difference as opposed to a 6.03mm? Also, since you mentioned that the M24 already uses a standard AEG barrel, does that change when the new hop-up is installed?

Thanks again, you guys have been so much help!
Thanks for the input Mosin. Who makes a 6.02mm barrel and they're compatible with the PDI hop-up unit (which I just ordered by the way, thanks Dutton)?

As soon as I get it all together and such I will definitely be posting pictures for you guys.

Thanks again!
Good to know. Thanks guys. I went to and it was entirely in Japanese. Anyone know of a good translator because appearantly the one that my PC has only translates a few words here and there? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I was thinking about ordering a 6.01mm DB custom. I looked them up and saw some videos etc. and their barrels seem to really give quite an edge in performance. I have currently in my AEG a 6.03mm tightbore and when purchasing those they recommend constant cleaning etc. So I'm already currently accustomed to cleaning barrels constantly. I usually clean my AEG barrel a day prior to an OP and then after everytime I use it. So with that if a 6.01 requires that kind of attention, that I'm already used to. Then I think I'll opt. for one of them.

The spring that comes in the advanced cylinder kit is a 300%. Is that the spring you're referring to Dutton?
A little off topic but I figured I'd post it here anyway incase any of you guys were interested. I stumbled across this while doing some research. It's an instructional on weapon painting. The website is;

I plan on doing something like this with the M24.
Thanks Mosin! Appearantly I'm an idiot. I can't believe I didn't see that! Thanks for the info about the Dees 6.01, Dutton. I think I'm going to head in that direction.

By the way, I just recieved the gun today via UPS. I'm really happy with it thus far. Now I'm just waiting on the upgrade parts so I can start the upgrades.

Another question I've wanted to ask is about bi-pods. I've read that most people suggest or rather prefer the Harris Bipods and I plan on heading in that direction. My question though is size. What I've read is the 9" - 12" is the most popular for prone position. Isn't that long though? I don't know maybe it has something to do with body size. I mean I'm a pretty small guy about 5'8" 135 lbs. So to me the 9" - 12" one seems like it would be to high. I almost feel that the 6" - 9" would work better for my size, even in prone.

Let me know though. Since I would hate to order one and then realize that it's too short or too tall etc.

Thanks again for all the help!
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Dutton, thanks for the input. I'm probably going to go with the 6-9. I don't know, to me it seems as though that size will work better for me, as well.

How did you go about ordering the Dees barrel. Did you have to contact them? Their website doesn't really offer too much information. Then again from my trouble with I'm probably over looking something.

Two questions regarding the gun itself. 1) What's the function of the faux magazine well? I know you can open it but is there a special function? 2) When the magazine is empty and you pull the bolt back and try to push it foward it doesn't return all the way. Is that normal? Does it do that on purpose to act as an indicator that the magazine is empty?
Thank you for the very thorough breakdown of x-fire.

I had a question about hop - up buckings. I know I asked the difference between hard and soft. I've also asked the advantages to using one of the other.

So with that what does everyone recommend or rather personally use? As far as, hard or soft; which brands are best? I do know that if I use soft I'll have to replace it more frequently over using a hard type. I just want to get an overall opinion and see what works best.

Somebody PLEASE HELP ME!! So I thought I had successfully ordered the CA M24 Advanced Cylinder Spring Kit. After waiting about a month to have the item delivered to me (today it was delivered) I was sent the Gas Kit instead. In addition to getting the wrong item there was something loose inside the cylinder itself. So I received the wrong item and it was defective...

Now, I'm returning the item and demanding a refund because at this point I don't want to deal with this retailer anymore.

So now I've been on the look for a CA M24 Advanced Cylinder Spring Kit and I can't seem to find it anywhere! The only solution I can currently come up with is ordering it straight from CA. So PLEASE if anyone knows of any retailer that has it in stock shoot me over the link so I can take a look.

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