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CA M24 Upgrades

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Hi all,

I just recently purchased a CA M24 Military type. I'm looking to upgrade the SWS to shoot about 550 fps and/or over. I've been doing some research and have noticed that many of the parts used in APS 2s can be used in M24s. However, my problem is that I'm not sure exactly which parts would work in an M24 and which wouldn't. I'd hate to start purchasing parts to only later realize that they're not compatible.

So with that, I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction, as far as, which parts they would recommend to start building upon my platform.

Thanks for your time!
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I had to email them for the barrel. In the email, just let them know what barrel you want, they'll price it out for you, tell you where to pay, ect. and they'll send it right out. It may take them a few days to respond, especially with the holiday.

Now to answer your other questions...

1) Pretty much nothing....I've modded mine to hold a Faux mag, but it's purely cosmetic.

2) The reason the cylinder wont slide all the way forward when the mag is empty is because the cylinder head is hitting the BB follower, and since it doesn't move out of the mag well, the cylinder wont slide all the way forward. So, pretty much it's the cylinder head hitting something that isn't meant to leave the mag - like a BB does. It is an indicator that the mag is empty, but that's not exactly what it's intended to do. Also, don't force it forward when it does that, because you can break the BB follower off and then your mag is pretty much screwed.
About Step by step

1. go to the website
2. look to the upper right hand side of the page and click the big button that says ENGLISH.
3. look down the column of categories that is on the left hand side of the page, click on the one that says Maruzen APS2.
4. This will bring you to another page it will be mostly white.
5. Pretty much all of the items on the APS2 part are interchangeable with the M24, although if you scroll all the way down you will find the M24 specific section.
6. The X means it is out of stock
7. Click on the pic to get a description of the item and some more pics.
8. Here you can add the item to your cart.
9. Once you've added all the items you want into your cart click the button next to the sign that says Order.
10. After that you follow all the instructions it asks of you, ya know name country address etc.
11. then they will send you and automatic e-mail that is in Japanese, don't worry they will send another one with the shipping price that is in English.
12. When they do send the English e-mail, Paypal pay (in Yen) for your items and shipping and they will ship it out to you. It takes from 3-6 days to get to you from Japan, pretty fast.

Hope that helps with your x-fire questions

Ive ordered my PDI hopup, APS2 VC piston, silencer adapter and PDI hopup repair kit from here and it went just as smoothly as I said.
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Thank you for the very thorough breakdown of x-fire.

I had a question about hop - up buckings. I know I asked the difference between hard and soft. I've also asked the advantages to using one of the other.

So with that what does everyone recommend or rather personally use? As far as, hard or soft; which brands are best? I do know that if I use soft I'll have to replace it more frequently over using a hard type. I just want to get an overall opinion and see what works best.

I was told by Livonia that if I want more consistancy to use a good Soft bucking. I bought a Systema bucking and it was good for about 3 months of play and ALOT of plincking due to hop-up adjustments. Now its a tad bit deformed from the massive amounts of use. The bucking has an "impression" of where my hop-up is applying pressure and this could cause less seal and even an off shot. For now its not really bothering me. Livonia said to that when he used them that they needed to be replace about every 6months to every year depending on use. From Livonia its not very many rounds per game. But ive probably put about 5 OPs worth of play on the bucking with the plinking plus the 3 ops and 1 rec game Ive been to. So thats about 9 months of wear on this thing.

I think next time if I wanted a Soft bucking I would get a Guarder bucking. But, Im going to get a FireFly Hard type bucking as a back-up.
Sorry, but would you say X-Fire would be the one to use because I've been looking though Redwolf Airsoft for parts but a lot of people have said that the shipping is pretty bad, and X-Fire sounded good.
Sorry, but would you say X-Fire would be the one to use because I've been looking though Redwolf Airsoft for parts but a lot of people have said that the shipping is pretty bad, and X-Fire sounded good.
X-Fire is the official Distributor site of PDI, which means they generally have everything in stock, which makes them better to order from. They're both overseas though, so shipping is going to be high on both Redwolf and X-Fire.
Somebody PLEASE HELP ME!! So I thought I had successfully ordered the CA M24 Advanced Cylinder Spring Kit. After waiting about a month to have the item delivered to me (today it was delivered) I was sent the Gas Kit instead. In addition to getting the wrong item there was something loose inside the cylinder itself. So I received the wrong item and it was defective...

Now, I'm returning the item and demanding a refund because at this point I don't want to deal with this retailer anymore.

So now I've been on the look for a CA M24 Advanced Cylinder Spring Kit and I can't seem to find it anywhere! The only solution I can currently come up with is ordering it straight from CA. So PLEASE if anyone knows of any retailer that has it in stock shoot me over the link so I can take a look.

Trinity Airsoft is the only place I've seen them so far, I believe they're based out of Virginia, so shipping should be quick. Here's the link:
Hi. Im new to the forums here.

Im thinking about getting the CA m24.

And i want it to shoot around 420ish fps. What would i need? and would i need to change the hopup unit? from what i've heard and read it would hold? (correct me if im wrong)
snax said:
Hi. Im new to the forums here.

Im thinking about getting the CA m24.

And i want it to shoot around 420ish fps. What would i need? and would i need to change the hopup unit? from what i've heard and read it would hold? (correct me if im wrong)
Sorry it took me so long to get to this, I've been extremely busy with work and hanging out with my girlfriend after being away for training the last 4 months.

Anyways, all you'll really need for the small of an upgrade is an adequate spring. You won't need a new hop up, but depending on how your accuracy is, you may end up investing in one anyways. Also, I would recommend if you're serious about sniping, that you upgrade your gun to the 500 FPS point, otherwise you're at an even bigger disadvantage when competing with AEGs.

thanks for the reply :) its understand-able lol. I would be the same.

Secondly, thanks for the advice, but our field only allows for 450 max, but its quite thick bush, so most of the time you are quite close ( we have a safety rule that a sniper isn't allowed to shoot within 20m of the sniper.)

So just a spring will do?
Eventually the stock parts will wear down, but for the time being, just the spring will suffice.
Just got a pre-owned m24. Upgraded already to 500fps. I was wondering if anyone knew what the stock inner barrel was for the m24? Ive looked around but havent come across it yet.

Also, what is the next best upgrade would be for it besides an inner barrel. I dont know whats in assuming the previous owner knew what he/she was since it hasnt exploded yet, im assuming the answer would be either "nothing" or a new bucking?

My apologies for hijacking this topic but it seems as if its run its course and rather than starting a new "m24" thread, i would post in an old one...though if no one answers, I WILL SPAM THE FORUM xD (kidding)
Stock inner barrel is a 6.10 515mm barrel. Closest tightbore you'll find is M16 length, 509mm, which will be close enough that it won't make a difference. First updrade, get a Guarder or First Factory/Laylax steal bolt handle, the stock one will snap, guaranteed.
WOW! =/ 6.10! Thats not a typoe im assuming. You would think that since its a 'sniper rifle' it would be a little less than that :S

I could go with a prometheus 6.03 which i can pick up anywhere, or would you recommend a 6.01? Price isnt really an issue considering with way, ill be paying $60+

And ill look into a bolt handle, thanks for that. I was wondering the difficulty of the two upgrades (tightbore and bolt handle) I have succesfull installed a new barrel in an aeg with the help of a tutorial of course. Is there such a thing for an m24? (im sure there is me?
) And the difficulty of the bolt handle: i can take apart and put together a gearbox. Takes a while, but i can do it. Trying to help you get an idea of my skill level.

Thanks so much :)


Disregard the question about disassembly, i found one
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Personally, I'd go with a KM Head 6.04mm barrel. They're far nicer than the Prometheus/Madbull 6.03 barrels, and cheaper than PDI/Dees Customs 6.01 barrels. That last post was also supposed to say Laylax or Guarder, seeing as Laylax and First Factory are both the same company...
Thank you =) I have a systema .04 thats being cut at the moment. Was 509 being cut to fit my m4 plus silencer sooo...looks like ill have to get a new one. You dont think the .03 mms really make that much of a difference? Considering accuracy is more important here than with an aeg?

And could you get me at least one website/store that sells parts for the m24? I had seen some links around but alas...

PS what is the difference between the versions? Fluted; non-fluted. Military; Civilian.
To answer your question about .03 making a difference, the quality and overall finish of the barrel comes into play here. I have the KM Teflon coated .04 and it's said they shoot similar to the Prometheus 6.03, I'm pretty sure it's because the KM is very hefty and the coating is superb. If that .01 difference bothers you, go for the Prometheus 6.03 instead and you'll be happy.

Oh yeah, the M24 Civilian and Military are only cosmetically different at the barrel. Fluting vs. bull barrel is the only difference.

Hope that helps.
Thank you
Yea, it depends i guess. Would anyone like to define asp2? o_O And is there any site better than uncompany? Found that one. And how much would shipping cost in general? I live in the US.


Yea, i think this is what he said it had Link

Would this be ok?

Its on this list.

And if you see any other upgrades for a decent price, do share o_O
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