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CA M24 Upgrades

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Hi all,

I just recently purchased a CA M24 Military type. I'm looking to upgrade the SWS to shoot about 550 fps and/or over. I've been doing some research and have noticed that many of the parts used in APS 2s can be used in M24s. However, my problem is that I'm not sure exactly which parts would work in an M24 and which wouldn't. I'd hate to start purchasing parts to only later realize that they're not compatible.

So with that, I was wondering if anyone could point me in a direction, as far as, which parts they would recommend to start building upon my platform.

Thanks for your time!
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You really should be using heavier BBs, .3's or higher. If you want to stick with the .25s, you need to get the right sized allen wrench. I don't remember what size it is exactly, but it's about the smalled metric size you can get. They come with pinion gears and the like, which is the easiest way to get them.

The screw on the trigger, you do not want to tighten, it mis-aligns the sear so that it won't catch.

Use a really fine grip metal sand paper, and that should take care of your last problem.
Haha, i know. I just havent had the time or money to buy a bag of them. Thanks though

And ill just buy a set for $15 on amazon. Comes with 42 or so.

And, well, i learned that the hard way haha. Its running nicely now. And ill get some sand paper asap. Its really dinged up, but a really nice gun.

Thanks again for the answers.
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The size allen key you will need is 1mm ;)

And I used to use .36/.43 straights ( when they were still available) when I had my M24
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Really appreciated

Why do the basic sets start with 1.5 ::)

And it barely curves maybe 1 out of 4 shots. Other than that, it just goes *peooow* (tries to represent a super accurate shot without a scope)

Anyway, the only problem ive been having is when i pull the bolt back, it gets stuck at the peak of the pull. I then have to take apart the gun and loosen the bottom screw and it will violently snap closed. Anyone else have this problem?
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You can't forcefully push the bolt forward? Sounds like you've still got something misaligned from when you tightened down your trigger. Also, make sure you're not over-torquing either of the receiver screws because that can cause the cylinder to bind up, depending on how tight they are.
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