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I have lately decided to buy a Classic Army M24 Sniper Weapons System and was wondering if these are all the things I would need to upgrade the gun's performance drastically. Here is what I have found and if anyone knows of another place to buy one of the parts for cheaper please let me know.


Tightbore Barrel:

DPI Hop-Up Chamber:

PDI 250% Spring:

PSS2 Bolt Handle:

PSS2 Cylinder:

PSS2 Cylinder Head:

PSS2 Piston:

PSS2 Piston Head:

PSS2 Spring Guide:

PSS2 Zero Trigger:

Total: $649.33 w/o trigger $827.33 w/ Trigger. Don't really think I need a trigger right now.

Please let me know if this looks good or if don't need something or need something else. Also if you know a place where I can get parts cheaper. Thanks.

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I have this weapon system and I have to say it is very reliable.

Now as for your shopping list... some of what I am going to say will draw complete disagreement from a lot of people on here. But this is what I have found with the tinkering of my own M24 weapon system.

CA M24 SWS: = $219 <<< Good Price I have not found it cheaper.

Tight-bore Barrel: = $80 <<< I completely agree with this one. But I would order Direct and get the barrel spacers to match. (approx. $25)

DPI Hop-Up Chamber: = $59 <<< I would hold off on this one. the stock CA hop-up is milled from solid Brass and is actually quite reliable and durable. Now don't get me wrong.. this is on my wish list for my system but I highly doubt it will change much in the performance of my system. Hell a little Teflon tape will go long way. ($3)

PSS2 Bolt Handle: = $65 <<< Another item I would hold off on. It has taken me a year of hard playing to break the original handle. So I too have this handle on order right now, but its not something you need from day one.

PSS2 Zero Trigger: = $178 <<< In all honesty while this is nice it is completely un-needed. The stock CA trigger is made of steel and is adjustable for trigger pull. I have been able to set mine as low as 2 lbs, although that pull is too light for me, I like 5 lbs, Stock it was 11 lbs. Again I have played with this system over a Year and not a single issue with the trigger. I do have a back-up Piston sear($18), trigger sear($36), and set pin($20-$29) waiting in case i do break something. I got from X-Fire >>>

Now the final items from your list are all very nice, but you have other options.

Advanced Cylinder Kit = $100 @ AEX
This Kit comes with.. 300% spring.. Steel Cylinder.. Cylinder head.. Spring guide.. Vacuum Piston.... this took my system to 500fps w/ .20g

The list below = $233 but it all comes out of Hong Kong... Shipping will be steep - $50-$70 extra.

PDI 250% Spring: = $23 >>> Cheaper at AirSoft Atlanta $17 >>>
>>>>> Options >>>>>>> Trinity AirSoft 300% $20 >>>

PSS2 Cylinder: = $100 >>> AirSoft Extreme has the same cylinder $100
>>>>> Options >>>>>>> AirSoft Atlanta $80... M24 Advanced Cylinder
>>>>> Options >>>>>>> AirSoft Extreme $100... M24 Advanced Cylinder

PSS2 Cylinder Head: = $25
PSS2 Piston: = $42
PSS2 Piston Head: = $13
PSS2 Spring Guide: = $30
>>> Cheaper at AirSoft Atlanta $25 >>>

Hopefully this will help you.

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The set up that mojo has suggested is virtually the same set up as I had in mine including the advanced cylinder kit, stock hop and trigger mech, lasted me over 4 years at 525 fps and never let me down, its now in the hands of my mate who I sold it to 18 months ago and its still going strong ;)

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Wow... I cant believe the oversight... Hop-Up Bucking... average cost $10-$25

the Bucking is an incredibly important part and the NUB since that is what actually touches the BB.


There are a ton to choose from.. I would suggest going back and looking at previous posts about Buckings and the SCS. There is quite a lot of valuable information there.

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Thanks guys. So, if I get the Advanced Cylinder Kit then I wont need to buy a spring, spring guide, cylinder, cylinder head, or a piston? If that is only $100 that would save me about $130 instead of buying everything separate. Plus I didn't think that the zero trigger was necessary just wanted some input on it. Thanks, I will taking all of those parts off and put the Advanced Cylinder kit onto my list and save me some money. Thanks a lot.

Do I still need a piston head though with a vacuum piston? I've never head of a vacuum piston and have no idea how they work.
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