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Ok though I already have plans of what to do to my CA SL8 I would like to know what you guys think I should do to it. I am not going above an m130 spring, and will use a prommy barrel (or another barrel around $60) but besides that the sky is the limit.

Parts it had when I bought it:
stock 509 classic army brass tighbore
stock g36 hopup
stock bucking
stock nub
stock g36 air nozzle with o-ring (amazing airseal)
stock brass cylinderhead, 1 o-ring (alright airseal)
no name full cylinder (needed the classic army cylinder for clssic classic army polycarb piston head (from g36c)
classic army yellow piston
m110 spring
area 1000 spring guide
stock ca gears
7mm solid bushings (from g36c)
amp high torque motor (slightly worn pinion gear)
stock gb shell

I already know what I would do to it but I want to see what you guys have to say. Im going for the most accurate, and long ranged dmr possible at a reasonable fps, reasonable price, and good reliability. Lastly what do you guys think the inner barrel diameter should be (6.03 or 6.05) and I will replace the scope that is included.

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Sweet! I just picked mine up off a guy and swapped my old G36c DMR internals over, so this is what I'm running right now:

CA Bore up full cylinder (I think its a bore up, I had to replace my O-Ring to get compression)
JBU piston/piston head - metal
Bravo Helical high Torque gears
CA Cylinder Head
Guarder Infinite torque motor
Stock Tappet plate
CA nozzle
Metal spring guide with bearings

Stock Hop up
Guarder black bucking
Prommy 6.03x550mm polished barrel
Teflon mods
Stock nub

What FPS are you looking for/what range? I also did a mod to my trigger contacts so that all I have to do is pull out my selector plate and its fixed to semi instead of having to cut up the selector plate, and it'll still do full auto if I just put the plate back in. But its an SL8 so I'll probably just leave it the way it is.

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All the trigger needs to have done is the electrical safety disabled and selector plat removed if that is what you meant. I will be going for either an m130 or sp130 ish range. Also I am going for as much range and accuracy as possible. I also switched some ca g36c internals over into it.

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Yeah. What G36 parts did you move over? Since they are all the same parts save the extra anchor point on the top of the box. Let me know what kind of range you get out of the M130. I'm currently having range issues with mine and I'm not sure what spring is in there since I got it in a trade, although its right around 450-500 I'm guessing, havent had a chance to chrono it yet...

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Well my m4 with a matrix m125 and perfect compression goes quite far(though I want it to go farther). I actually am using both guns for parts for another project but when I get money ill work on it.
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