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Here's my M4. I've been working to get that CQBR barrel for a while. It came with a one piece free float RIS system but I could never get in on right. So I used the RIS I already had that came with the gun.

There's still some wobble in the RIS and I need to work that out, but here goes nothin'!

I suppose I'll lay it all out:
-Started as a Classic Army SPC
-G&P CQBR Barrel
-Crane Stock
-Railed Gas Block w/ flip up sight
-Action ACOG
-Classic Army PAQ box that contains camera.
-Surefire 6P
-Chinese Army Green Laser
-BCA Supressor (not mine)
-Vert foregrip

-Sytema Turbo motor (in process of getting it in there :-/ )
-Systema M120
-Systema red polycarb. piston
-Systema cylinder head
-Systema Gears
-Systema Spring Guide
-Guarder Hopup

Gear shots:

And that's the way the cookie crumbles..

EDIT: Forgot to add the door-kicking picture!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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