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Have you ever wondered how much your rifle hurt but haven't had the balls to let your friend shoot you? Here's a fun little formula to give you an idea.

To find your BB's impact weight (grams behind it that makes sting like crazy)

First convert your FPS to MPS (meters per second) just divide the FPS with the given weight of BB you'll be using by 3.3( this is a rough estimate if you want to be more precise you can ;)) then multiply by the gravitational field force (approximately 9.8)
and then multiply again by the weight of the BB.

151.5x9.8x.3=445 grams of impact force or about half a pound.

Hope this helps


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remember this is Impact Force at muzzle to 20ft.. after that all kinds of other forces kick in and alter everything.

there used to be an incredible model of BB flow metrics ( fluid dynamics the BB will experience) during flight.. albeit.. it was completely theoretical.. as the only way to test it in reality would be to use hundreds of thousands of dollars in high speed photo equipment.

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Of course, I do admit it is kinda useless. But it is still cool to play around with, especially with people with a hecka lot of guns.
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