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After Long hours of work, and DIY, she's about to be finished.
Laylax Z-trig
PDI Raven 6.01 barrel
Laylax Orange 90* piston
ASGI sp170 spring (soon to be replaced)
ASGI spring guide (it sucks, the chrome/metal parts flake off after long use, will be replaced by Laylax spring guide)
Nineball Hard Bucking
Polar star high flow cylinder head
Sling of one my paintball gearbags, super comfortable

Sawed off airbrake
Floss wrapped bucking (10x better than teflon tape, IMO)
Barrel spacers
Sun shade for scope
Clay stock mod (play-doh)
Filed down ribs for a better fit on magazine
Failed digital paint job, that surprisingly turns out, it blends perfectly with the dry scrubs and canyon brush

She eats bioval black and white .30s. For range, I'm not really sure, but I did have 4-5 confirmed hits from about 250-275 ft away (guesstimate). I have about 3-4 things left to buy on this rifle.

All opinions are appreciated :)

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