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camo netting ghillie

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Like the title says guys..... this is what I am working on right now. I wanting it to be as light as possible, so when I use it in 90 + degree weather I am not going to go down with heat stroke again :S

I have some of this, though about a 3 years old, so it is nice and faded and worn out looking. I am in the process right now of cutting it up and getting my strips done. I am planning putting some burlap on the suit as well, but figured this could make up the bulk of the suit and cut down on the weight as well.

I know I have seen a few pictures of snipers from other countries use this type of suit, and figured I would give it a try and see what happens.

So what are your guys opinions on the idea?
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Cut it to pieces, then dye them, and put darkest first, and proceed to lighter. After you putted the layers on the suit, you can add little bit of darker colours too, then you can add veggies.
This can't be dyed ;) It is like a nylon type stuff.
I think it's a great try. You just have to be careful it doesn't catch on stuff and rip. Also, it might rustle a fair bit when you are crawling around. Worth a try though, it's also great for rifle wrap.
I definitely wanna see it when you're finished. I think that it could work well depending on how you make it. I need a cooler ghillie for the summertime also; it's almost not even fun laying in mine during our summer months (usually 98-102 degrees).
I've seen guys here wearing these the result is semi good... I'd wait to see yours.

I used up what netting I had, and had to get some more from the store.

To be honest, right now it looks really good. The netting that I have is green on one side, and brown on the other. I cut the blanket into little strips like you would with burlap, and tied one strand to the netting. And it is filling out nicely if I do say so my self.

I have had a boonie that I made like this and it worked quite well. But I am also going to get some burlap into the mix, and fray it out some as well. The cammo netting is a rip stop, but it does fray around the edges.
Mist that netting you have with Krylon.

Also VTArmy Navy sells camo netting by the yard and in camouflage patterns.

I use to sell custom camo netting ghillie kits.

I usually play down South (Florida) and built a sniper TOG with both camo netting and strips of burlap. I find the camo netting works well to break up things, trick the eye by adding depth & texture and is ideal for lightweight and breathability.

My daughter wearing my ghillie hat, just shortly after I made it.

I use the netting as clumps and cut into strips to weave through the 1" netting I have secured to my TOG. If you take your time and secure the netting well it dramatically reduces the rustling noise and helps prevent snagging on branches.
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Do you guys know anywhere you can get this camo netting cheap? Because everywhere I seem to look it's extortionate and you cannot seem to buy anything else like it.. :L

Now that is a cute smile.... Can't wait till my little guy gets that age :D

I found it at a local farm store... back by the hunting supplies and what not. Was $19.99 for a pack, and it is looking like it will take 3 packs to finish the suit. Though I think I may have over done it a little bit, but will see when she is fully done.
Cheers Woogie, it's a shame there isn't many shops which sell like that in the UK :'(

Vermont's Barre army navy online store sells camo netting by the yard. I believe about $9 per yard. If you order say 1 yard it's actually 3' x 7' in over all netting, so one yard is a lot of netting.

Look under their netting section.
cheers Explosive

I've also thought of making a suit from this netting as well ever since I picked up a large 20'x20' tan net of this stuff I found on the side of the road.
However, like MiloXC3 mentioned, I don't like that it makes noise and rustles as you move, and also has a tendancy to catch on branches and such. But it is very light as you mentioned, and wont add too much weight.
It makes a great rifle cover though, that's what I've always use it for.

Im Interested on how this project goes, be sure to post pictures! =D
My spotter once wrapped himself in this stuff and it actually didn't work too bad. He didn't even use any vegetation or anything, so I believe that this will turnout well; I'm just ready to see it.
I am about 75 % with the suit.... but the little guy, and work have been kicking my butt as of late. I should have it done here soon.
Well should get done with her here this week.

But here is a brief look of where the game is being held. This is from the "castle".... ie the other teams base. I am usually out in the filed there shooting their command and control ;)

Can't wait to see the suit! I may do something like this for summer depending on how it turns out.
Well i finished the body of the suit.

I will get some pics here in a day or two, when I get my new rifle done as well ;)
Woogie, I need a skull ghillie to match the rifle, will you do that for me? ;)

I am excited to see that old gun get some new life, post pics ASAP!
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