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Mist that netting you have with Krylon.

Also VTArmy Navy sells camo netting by the yard and in camouflage patterns.

I use to sell custom camo netting ghillie kits.

I usually play down South (Florida) and built a sniper TOG with both camo netting and strips of burlap. I find the camo netting works well to break up things, trick the eye by adding depth & texture and is ideal for lightweight and breathability.

My daughter wearing my ghillie hat, just shortly after I made it.

I use the netting as clumps and cut into strips to weave through the 1" netting I have secured to my TOG. If you take your time and secure the netting well it dramatically reduces the rustling noise and helps prevent snagging on branches.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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