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avnger003 said:
I am completely new to airsoft, only played 2 times so far with my new JG Sig 552 - cheap little gun I know, I just got into this to have a little fun with some friends. So forgive me if I'm asking the wrong questions, I'm not trying to waste your time. That said, I did pretty well with it up against my friends who are using highly upgraded/modded AEG's. My kill/death ratio is 6/1 so far - call it beginners' luck... I have always liked being the sniper (or at least the idea of it), and so I find myself intrigued by this forum.

I have to wonder though, would it really be a viable option for me? Would the range and accuracy of say, a modded and lightly upgraded JG Bar 10 be enough of an improvement over the typical AEG to give a real range advantage? And if so, is the increased range worth the loss of semi-auto to have to cock and reset for every single shot?

My little stock JG Sig 552 seems to do pretty well up to about 120-150 ft, but it definitely starts pulling to the right at that point (which is generally really annoying, but I've actually used to my advantage). The groupings are also pretty bad after 100 ft. or so. Needless to say, that doesn't help when the object is a quick, clean kill. You can't really snipe with an SMG...

So, against your typical AEG with an effective range of, say, >180ft, how would the above-mentioned Bar 10 stand up if it came down to a long-range shootout? What sort of range could I expect if I went for it?

Of course I realize that tactics are the key when you're the sniper, and ideally, you would be making shots before you're even spotted, but I generally play in small skirmishes in fairly small boundaries. A lot of times you can see half-way across the area of play, and so you generally have an idea of the vicinity of the opposing combatants based on starting locations. So if movement is not very stealthy it is difficult to get around unseen. With the Sig, I am at a slight range disadvantage compared to my friends, but would going sniper be a better alternative all things considered?
we were all like you at the beggining, i think you should really get to use and feel both types of guns then see which you are most comfortable with, i have an olive drad L96 with a 8-32x50 scope which is 20" long and mock silencer, now im ordering a co2 rifle (full auto, look at my post and you'll see the two guns im looking at), to sum it up it all depends on the person and if you get the right gun for you you could take out an entire team all by yourself
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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