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Do you mean the body of the gun? Dont think there is an upgrade for that, however, if you want to get rid oif the squeaks and that cheap feel here is what to do:

1 get some epoxy resin (this is mostly for the pistol grip piece).
separate the 2 halves of the gun fill each half with the epoxy resin and let it go to full cure. IMPORTANT: DO NOT put the gun back together until this is fully cured or you will never be able to get the body apart again!!

2. Go to the hardware store and buy some binding posts (about 1inch long if I recall) and some hex button cap bolts. drill out the stock washers (they are aluminum) to fit and put the new bolts on your gun and tighten until the squeaks go away.
One of the reasons I found the gun squeaks was due to the 2 piece construction of the pistol grip and main body and the fact that over time the stock body bolts stretch and no longer hold things right and need to be tightly bolted.
Oh and remove that 2 pound weight in the middle of the gun while your in there. that will also help remove some of that flexing.

This is what worked for me.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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