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Canadian Checking In

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Good afternoon,

Thought I would take time and introduce myself.

Name: Tony

Callsign: Iceman3994

Experience: I have been playing airsoft since 2006 and have formed an airsoft unit here in Canada. I have 9 1/2 years in the Canadian Forces. I have been overseas to Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Weapons: TM VSR (Currently rebuilding into a C3A1), TM M16VN, TM M733, TM M4 w/203, TM Uzi, TM 1911A1, CA M249 Para, and Tanaka M40A3.

Camo: Currently have 3 ghillies. One is hand made woodland, and one hand made desert. I also have a store bought one that I am working on customizing more for a 9 day event. I normally wear US Woodland, Tiger Stripe both Vietnam and Desert, and for urban operations I use the USMC T camouflage pattern.

What are your other hobbies?: Hockey and video games and spending time with my family.

Where do you reside? Alberta, Canada. Love it up here.

Looking forward to my stay here.
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Welcome, a fellow hockey player too!

Tanaka M40A3 you say? Pictures!!:D
Welcome to the forum....
Post pics immediately!

Sorry gents, that was a typo. M40A1 not an A3...I WISH!!
Sorry gents, that was a typo. M40A1 not an A3...I WISH!!
Damn. Nice gun either way!
Once I get the C3 all done up for OP: East Wind I will be working on making a M40A3 or M40A5. The unit I run is milsim based and we are currently putting together our sniper training program. We are also part of a Combat Battle Group that we support as Scout/Snipers. Our weaponry is very vast and I will get the pics up soon
Welcome! M40? niceee
Welcome to the forum....
Post pics immediately!

Yes! I agree... Post pics,lol..

Welcome to the forums by the way buddy.
Ahoy there! I can't wait for the pics! It'd be pretty nice to see you fully ghilled up too!
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the boards!

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