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Canadian Sniper

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Hey everyone, my name is Jensen, I am from Canada. I stumpled over your forum looking for airsoft sniper parts, and I just want to say congrats on the awesome forum. Check out my local airsoft group.
I am just starting out in airsoft and was discouraged into buying a TM G36c, when I really wanted a rifle. So the assault rifle is going to become a semiauto longrange sniper rifle.
At the moment it shoots around 310-320 on .2 g bb's. The parts I just ordered should hop it up to about 400 even and with a 18" tight bore barrel should give me a reliable accurate gun. Any input and info you guys can give me would be awesome. Thanks.
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yeah a 469mm barrel. My next step is a ghillie suit and thanks for all of the info on this sight.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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