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Canadian: Well L96 vs JG BAR-10

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I've been so interested in airsoft sniping lately after chatting with my close friend in real life. I was about to get into milsim paintball, but this caught my eye instead. Im a Canadian and have been hunting for a good starter rifle. From what I've read on here both the Well L96 and JG BAR-10 work good out of the box. I definitely want to upgrade in the future, but for my first few games I will be playing completely stock.

Now I'm not sure if this is the right place to post (hopefully I don't get in trouble for this), but I would love to know what you guys think is the better gun out of the box?

I would love to purchase the TM VSR-10 but have been unable to find that in Canada. I can at least find the others (although the JG BAR-10 is out of stock most places, bonus points for someone who can find it at a Canadian retailer).
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I know someone who runs a Pro Hunter. The fact that his gun is shiny and my G-SPEC is not means that he gets more Marui Awesome Points than I get.

The G-SPEC is from Trigger Airsoft but they're out of stock now. A G-SPEC shoots decently far out of the box and is very quiet, but as with all Japanese rifles the spring is weak. Opening a TM cylinder to replace the spring requires drilling a hole in the cylinder and this may not be something you want to do. So if you want it to shoot more than 280 fps out of the box the BAR-10 is probably a better choice.
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