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awagg said:
Even if you have a license? Really? I kinda doubt that... Research this more.
the problem is the UKARA as a defense hasn't been tested in court. as such there is a alot of hearsay, some sites refuse to allow 2tones as "it lowers the realism, and cheapens the game" (what next ban clones?)
some others ban 2tone owners from anyform of "modification" prior to registration with UKARA (thats right stock VSR snipers!) which they consider as "manufacture"
By the wording some argue that once you have brought the 2tone you can do what you want (including painting)

as I understand UKARA registration allows for the following:
To purchase RIFs (non two tone)
To "manufacture" RIFs (as has been stated elsewhere painting a twotone is considered "manufacture") this also allows for component builds.

I'm pretty sure performance upgrades are not considered "manufacture of a RIF" as they don't do anything Increase realism of the replica

As I see it once you are UKARA registered to can paint your rifle, however if in doubt take it to one of those UKARA retailers that offers a "Krylon service" (once you are registered) and get them to paint it, and KEEP THE RECIEPT!as a Bussiness it is in their best interest to know the laws regarding modification as their livelyhood relies upon this sport.

As I have often said the UKARA is an absolute mine field, of hear say and rumour.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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