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I am more confidant in using capacitors in my DMR build, because I just tried on purpose to connect the wrong poles and nothing happened. Used a AA, 9v, D, and then 3 Ds hooked up to each other. Am I doing something wrong?

I'd also like to know how many of you use them, if there really is that much difference in trigger response (im not going for ROF), and how to make them explode. Also, I ripped a few of an old circuit board. I'll give the uFD and volts later, but how much uF do I need total? An do I need to have a voltage exceeding that of my battery?

Edit: I use those different batteries one at a time in succession besides the 3 D batteries. Those were hooked up to each other as stated.
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Holy crap that's amazing! Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of the people that think of this stuff...

But no I meant the batteries were the source of electricity to flow through the capacitors. I had a battery with wires connected to both terminals, and each wire from there connected to the opposite polarity terminal on the capacitor. I heard on AM that if you (accidentally, not really in this case) Connect the wrong polarity wire to the terminal on the capacitor, it will explode. Maybe I didn't wait long enough. I only had it connected for ~30 seconds.

Speaking of electrical such and such, I heard apple is applying for a patent on a hydrogen battery that's supposed to last a few WEEKS. I know that hydrogen fission (or fusion?) can power a whole city on a bucket of water for a great deal of time, but I can't imagine they'd fit a nuclear fission device into a battery!
inthetallgrass said:
I'm 16 BTW.
I LOLed most people are surprised at people our age if they can take apart an airsoft gun and put it together again
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