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Central Florida, hello guys.

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Name: Kiel

Callsign: 007

Experience: Airsoft for about 10 years, wet sniper.

You're arsenal: CA M16A1 TB PSG1 barrel, silent piston/head (close to a sniper as i could get an AEG); UTG MK96, stone cold new and stock.

Your camo: BDU, homemade ghillie-gun wrap.

What are your other hobbies?: Cars, archery, triathlons, x-fit, hunting.

Where do you reside? Melbourne, FL

I got into airsoft with a springer pistol in 2001. Funny part was that I thought it was a cheap little kids toy, so i shot myself in the leg at point blank. I was hooked and bruised!!
I was then in college so i didnt have alot of money. Next I bought a Super 9 sniper, dont laugh, as it was the only "knock off" sniper on the market at the time. I did every upgrade i could think of, needless to say it never shot right. HAHA!
I went to my first skirmish and quickly learned that although I could sneak up on people, it wouldn't do any good if the gun wont fire. They would normally hear me curse and come flush me out.
I then saved up and purchased a used stock CA M16A1 as this was one of the longest outer barrels I could find in an AEG at the time, plus I think they look awesome.
I then upgraded the piston, piston head, cylinder head to a PDI the heads were the "silent" ones. I then installed the longest tightbore 6.03, prommy i think, on Airsoft Atlanta with some new bucking. I put a new spring in it but that put it way over the field limits at 425 ish. I modified the selector to only shoot single fire but most games still held me to 350, so I abandoned the "sniper-ish AEG" for a longer range AEG. But i see now that Florida Airsoft is allowing higher FPS :)

So right now its shooting .2's at about 350 (local field limits) at a fairly accurate stream.

I just bought the UTG since I got an Amazon gift certificate and now that I am out of college with a job I'm very very excited to have a gun that I can put some work into and get shooting as good as it can. Ghillie will be in works soon as I slowly upgrade accuracy.
Sorry if that was long winded but I am at work and kinda bored. Speaking of which I've been reading this board for about 4 days straight, lots of good stuff on here!!!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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