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Chat room

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How about adding a live chat room like MiA?
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In regards to the chat room question,

The simple answer is yes, we could do it. Actually making it just like the MiA one, well... I don't know the exact coding to enter in to make it like that, otherwise it makes the chatroom really difficult to work with if I did it as it usually shows up by default. If enough people actually came on this forum at the same time (Being all around the world with different time zones certainly makes for a tough time trying to link that sort of thing up) But I'd definately be all for it if I knew how they did it, exactly.

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No, the chat room would be open to anyone who came on the website... If we could get one up and going.
Yeah. I mean... I suppose I could do it. But I'd much rather be able to see who is online (Like MiA has embedded on theirs) so I don't have to refresh my page just to see an empty chatroom.
Well, bad news. I guess since I'm not the "Creator" of this forum I can't register a chat room. So I guess it's up to Livonia here to deliver. But I'm definately all for it.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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