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Cheapie VSR 10 Revival and Barrel setup.

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Well my Bar 10 has been lying dead for a good long time in the closet and I felt that need to revive it back to working order.
The only thing wrong with my Bar 10 was the broken hopup.

So this is what I am planning to possibly get.
Replacement JG Hopup chamber 12 dollars why not.
King Arms Bucking 15
Spare mag 10 dollars.
Modify 6.03 VSR10 barrel.
.3 bbs.

This is probably going to be my cart. Would it be good. Throwing in a 20 percent off coupon too and being at the walk in store.
Sorry this is a noob question but would this be good and what would you change. Please note I don`t have much money and I`m just reviving a old gun. Please be respectful and don`t say to me to go screw off or something like that...
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I found one on AA but its not in stock.
I plan on fielding it on a New Years Op. I might as well run with a cheapie revival. I just need to shoot accurate and then I`m good.
Also what do you think of the barrel. I`m most likely going to have to buy a new barrel my old one is bent.
I have ~450 fps with .2 Problem is worst I can`t find a tm vsr10 hopup. Would the Matrix .3 be too heavy by the way should I go with G&G standard .28
I finally found the arm.
It seems to be just a arm the is straight no like v notch in it. Also Worst I don`t see any trigger sear damage yet. Also can`t find a deepfire unless I ship over seas which is expensive.
Oops. -1 google skill for me. I may consider that but I don`t like overseaing if thats a word. I`ll just look around and see.
Oh yeah also I am considering a P* fusion engine drop in so that why I`m going very cheapie. I saving up for something but that going to take some time.
Worst actually I had really good experiences with Matrix bbs and they seem to be really good. Of course I always wash them before I use them. But they seem to be good.
Anyone know if the Modify Vsr10 barrels are any good?
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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